Use Less Data on Your Phone and Save More Money

Were you flabbergasted the last time you got your cell phone bill? It happens to a lot of people when they’re unaware of how much data they’re using on their phones and indulge to their heart’s delight. But it’s a tough reality when you see the overage charges and are forced to figure out how to afford them all or even if this plan is really for you. So before you chuck your phone out in hopes of avoiding another catastrophic bill, keep in mind these few helpful tips to limit your data usage.

  • Stop With the Videos – While listening to music takes up a decent amount of data on your phone, watching videos on YouTube is even worse. While short videos on YouTube can take up a hefty amount of data, programs like Netflix of Hulu suck up nearly ten times that amount with a single episode of your favorite television show. You can limit your usage by connecting to the Internet while you’re watching and you might even be able to get a better connection. But when it comes down to it, watching videos is just about the single most data-sucking thing to do out there. If you’re really having trouble with your data charges, consider switching to a company like where you can get data service for a much lower cost, especially when traveling between countries.
  • Stop With the Uploading – Social media is a wonderful thing. Never before in history have we been able to connect with one another so easily and effortlessly. But when you choose to upload photos, videos or other media you’re sucking at your phone’s data immensely. Again, connect to the Wi-Fi network to reduce your data usage, but the best thing to do is to just wait until you’re at your computer to upload an entire album of photos to your Facebook. Your friends won’t be hurt if it takes you a couple extra hours to post the pictures from that party last night so don’t stress.
  • Stop With the Maps – This is a great way to reduce data usage on your phone, unless you’re horribly directionally challenged. If you don’t know where you’re going, look on your maps for directions, remember them and then kill the app. You don’t need a play-by-play instruction of how to get from one part of the city to another and especially if you’re going on long trips with long stretches of highway where you don’t need your phone to tell you to go straight for another fifty kilometers. Just limit your usage, that’s all there is to it.

In the end if your phone isn’t working for you but causing you all sorts of trouble when your billing statement ends, it’s probably just time to get a new phone service. Make sure you do your research before jumping into any long contracts and read the fine print. That’s where they always seem to get you.