Upcoming Windows 8 Tablet and iPad Receives Web Office Apps Updates from Microsoft

Tablets are definitely praised as ‘the future of mobile computing’ and little did I expect that Microsoft would be bestowing its Web Office apps update onto the rival iPad! The budding Office 2013 is highlighted about its touch-friendliness feature from which you can be expecting bigger touch buttons and an ever ready finger controls on not just the Windows brand tablets but also on Apple’s iPad.

Nothing new about hardware buttons being a passé with the introduction of touch typing feature:

Tablets offer ubiquitous computing and the MS Office suite is something that is integral to the mobile computation work. People love to have the PC experience on their mobile and to fulfill this virtue the PC giant has took the initiative to give the updates of the Web Office app onto iPads and the Surface. I like the fact that Microsoft has done it right with the Office Suite by making it accessible on the Safari browser as the tablet market is reigned by the iPad. For most of us wondering for the Android compatibility, PC maker is silent about that update but am so sure that this OS can’t be left out.

Overview of the Web Office App:

Information input and gathering the same are the major reasons for the usage of tablets. The one thing that occurs to my mind being a writer and a blogger is that in many cases the reporting format would require to select a large text lines. The switch that tweaks the text selected is framed so effectively that it is not annoying to use the Office apps anymore on the smaller screens. Though, iPad 3 boasts of retina displays and a 10 inch screens, the Web Office apps update does prove a great deal of user experience on the device.

It is often a common complaint about how people are troubled with the touch technology as it always induces an unintended control trigger due to smaller button controls or text views. This app update from Microsoft gives the best to the users as the unintended buttons are seldom touched due to the better size and clarity.

Microsoft though is seeking ways to establish itself in the mobile market with new mobile OS and tablet devices this Web Office App update to other well established devices seems to hint us that MS is making the mobile space a better place for the mobile workforce.

Author Bio:
Lakshmi Balu, in an in-house SEO consultant for a CMMI level 3 mobile application development company. She is also interested in developing android and Windows phone 7.