5 Most Interesting Upcoming Microsoft Events

Microsoft has been going through some major changes lately. After the disastrous performance of the Surface tablet and struggling sales with their Windows Phone, it all came to a head with the lackluster reception of Windows 8. Steve Ballmer was finally asked to step down as CEO and announced his retirement, despite a complete overhaul of company focus and policies announced less than a month prior.

With such big things happening for the company, sometimes it is easy to forget that they are always having events. From product launches to conferences and even weekly or monthly childrens events, it is worth keeping an eye on their calendars for interesting shows and workshops.

These are five interesting upcoming Microsoft events happening in Late Fall and Early Winter.

1. Assassin’s Creed IV Midnight Release

Assassin’s Creed is one of the most popular video game series out today. Their fourth installment takes the story to the world of the pirates in the early 1700’s. Follow Captain Edward Kenway as he is drawn into an ancient war that could threaten everything built over centuries of piracy. But first, check out this fun event for the launch. Compete for prizes, eat good food and hang out with others who love the games as much as you do.

Where and When: Honolulu, Hawaii; October 28, 2013 10PM – October 19, 2013 1AM

2. Battlefield 4 Midnight Release

Assassin’s Creed isnt the only game being launched that night. Battlefield 4 is also having their own release party at the same time. Lead a full scale assault from a gun boat as you go through a character driven story with some of the most advanced graphics to have ever been released. At the party you will be able to check out the game, compete for prizes, eat and drink and taunt your fellow gamers…playfully, of course.

Where and When: Honolulu, Hawaii; October 28, 2013 10PM – October 29, 2013 1AM

3. Windows App Developer Workshop

As Microsoft works to improve their Windows Phone sales, their hardware chops are definitely improving. It is becoming all the more important to prepare for Windows app development, and so attending a workshop to learn to adapt to their compatible format is crucial. Learn about the technical and business side as you look as case study examples from some of the biggest brands around, like Meetup, Instagram and ESPN.

Where and When: Reston, Virginia; October 30, 2013 1PM

4. 3rd Annual NYC Women’s Conference

Women who are within the technology or business career fields will want to attend this one day event. Attend lectures by Harvard Business School and the NeuroLeadership Group, network with others in your industry, learn person strategies for success in both your work and personal life and a lot more.

Where and When: New York City, New York; November 01, 2013 9AM

5. TechTots

Microsoft has a number of events aimed at children of all ages, including their extensive work with the Boy Scouts. But this event is for kids between ages two and five. They will be introduced to technology in a fun and educational away, among their peers. It will include storytime, time with TechMouse and a snack. They will learn about the importance of kindness and respect from trained staff members.

Where and When: Oakbrook, Illinois; November 01, 2013 10AM – 11:30 AM

Know of an interesting event happening from Microsoft? Let us know in the comments. And if it’s going to happen in Miami, don’t forget to add it to Miamihotels.org events calendar.