5 Unusual Gadgets In 2013

Each day the tech world brings us novelties and surprises. However, sometimes it is really hard to remember all of them. But some of them have engraved on my memory. And now I present the top 5 of such gadgets.

Panasonic 4K 20” Tablet

Such big tablet has been presented by Panasonic during the world famous conference – CES 2013. This Ultra-HD 20” Windows 8 tablet shocked the public mainly by its size and by the certainty of the company about the future success of the gadget. Most of the visitors asked the same question: what are the users going to do with such huge tablet? The developers were ready to answer them that such tablet is developed specially for architects and designers. However, the question if the representatives of these professions liked the tablet is left without answer, at least, for now.

Tobii Rex Windows 8

We all were amazed by eye-tracking technologies shown in sci-fi movies decades ago. However, today such technologies don’t bring such an excitement. This year a new, and as I can judge, rather practical way of implementing these techniques in real life.

Tobii Rex Sensor installed with Windows 8 allows to open an app with just a look or to move up and down browser tab. The great Tobii’s plan is to build in the technology into the future ultrabooks and tablets and to reduce the cost of it to maximum.

Oculus Rift

Lots of things have been said about virtual reality lately. This is one of the most promising direction in which the tech development will be moving to. And there has been made a great step forward by one hardware startup and funded by Kickstarter.

The Oculus Rift VR headset should be connected to a PC, and then it presents the environment in full 3D, with a 110° field of view tracking movements of users’ head so that users get an opportunity look around all virtual worlds. The gadget will become very popular especially among the gamers. The release is supposed to be made next year and the price should be less than $300 what is really promising start.

Google Project Glass

It must be the most talked-about project of all presented here. Only the one who hasn’t read anything about tech recently has no idea about this ambitious project of Google.

Google Glass is a new gadget using the augmented reality technology. This project is to bring AR to real day-by-day world. The first tests have already been made and they are rather successful. The main aim of the Glasses is to provide the users with the real-time info which is transmitted to the glasses. The gadget can also function as audio and video recorder.


In real life we wouldn’t become really excited about the release of a new thermostat, right? But the Nest one has been developed by two former employees from Apple who took part in the iPod and iPhone design.

The Nest studies your everyday habits and later automatically sets you house heating to the optimal level. The system even lets people control the heating level via the mobile app. It’s already available in the United States. And it is supposed to appear in European countries somewhere in 2013.

Well, these are top 5 gadgets that amazed me when I heard of them or their projects. If there are any other developments that have impressed you this year, you are welcome to share.

Featured image credit: hannamariah / 123RF Stock Photo

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