Factory Unlock Your iPhone via IMEI Unlocking

Apple’s iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones of this time. More people than ever own an iPhone, whether it is the newest version, the iPhone 5 or older generations. One of the reasons the device is so popular is because it is easily unlocked, which in turn allows the user to pop in a SIM card of their choice and use it on any GSM (global system for mobile communications) network they want. This gives them the freedom to use the iPhone on a prepaid plan and even use it overseas if they frequently travel. Of course, the best route to go with an unlocked iPhone is when it is factory unlocked. Factory unlocking allows the individual to have their phone serviced and repaired if problems arise, which is something that cannot occur with unlocking that is a result of jailbreaking as the warranty becomes voided.

IMEI unlocking is the best way to go about unlocking an iPhone if it was not purchased factory unlocked through Apple. There are several important steps that are necessary to take toward the unlocking, with the first being to ensure that iTunes is backed up. It is essential to have the iPhone running the latest iOS version.
If the iPhone is currently locked to a particular wireless network, the micro SIM card that came with it should be inserted if it isn’t already so. The iPhone should then be connected to the computer with which it is synced with its USB cable. It should then be updated to the latest software through iTunes and ejected.

The next step is to insert a micro SIM from the wireless provider of the user’s choice into the iPhone. Reconnect the phone to the computer and allow iTunes to detect it. Disconnect the iPhone from the computer and wait for approximately 20 seconds, then reconnect it. iTunes will then work to IMEI unlock the phone with the new micro SIM card inside. The user should then notice the logo of their new wireless carrier at the upper left hand corner of the iPhone’s screen. This means that the phone is successfully unlocked, and the unlock is permanent, allowing the user to switch SIM cards at any time they wish. The individual will also notice a message on iTunes stating that the iPhone has been unlocked. Specifically, it reads, “Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked. To set up and sync this iPhone, click Continue.” There is a button that reads “Continue” below the message, to the right.

If the user wishes to restore the iPhone to factory settings due to a problem after the unlock, he or she can do that. At the same time, they will be able to travel overseas and use a prepaid plan while on the go simply by inserting a micro SIM of their choice. This allows the individual to save a considerable amount of money on wireless phone bills as well as offers a great deal of freedom as they are not locked to a particular carrier.