Uniblue DiskRescue 2009 Contest

diskrescue09_iconWindowsTalk and the Windows 7 Forums, in affiliation with Uniblue, are pleased to announce a new contest, with five (5) copies of Uniblue’s new defragmenting software for Windows, DiskRescue 2009.

Uniblue is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, which means it is a company that represents the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies and have the closest working relationship with Microsoft. You can use their products with confidence!

What can DiskRescue 2009 do for your Windows PC? Here’s what the DiskRescue 2009 page states:

The Problem
Data fragmentation is an invisible, but harmful, threat that erodes the performance of your PC from within. Unless checked disk fragmentation is largely inevitable, nonetheless it is also slowly incremental, meaning that you may not even notice the gradual degradation of the performance of your machine. However, over time and if left unfixed, disk defragmentation will contribute to a significant loss of disk performance and an overall slowing of your PC’s speed.
The Solution
DiskRescue comes to save your system from the harmful effects of disk fragmentation. With characteristic cool Uniblue styling and simple-to-use design, DiskRescue is the effective solution to the fragmentation of your hard disk. Able to run on command, or launch defrags proactively when scheduled, DiskRescue fixes your disk fragmentation problems leaving you free to enjoy improved performance.

DiskRescue 2009 only runs on 32-bit versions of Windows XP and Vista. I have it running on my copy of Windows 7 with no apparent problems or error messages, so it would appear to be safe to install it on Windows 7, although Uniblue does not currently support it on that platform. Likely there will be a Windows 7 version once it is released to the general public.

Here’s how to qualify for a free key to unlock the trial version:

  1. sign up for a free membership at the Windows 7 Forums (if you are not already a member)
  2. post a ‘Hello’ in the Introductions forum (for new members only)
  3. then post a screen capture of DiskRescue’s analysis results in the contest thread at the Windows 7 Forums (see examples below)
  4. entries will be assigned a number and then, when the contest closes, numbers will be picked at random by Randomizer. org



Contest is now open and will close on August 31st. Download your trial copy here.

Note: upon running an analysis on your Windows drive (typically C:), you will receive this warning message: “Local disk – (C:) is protected by the Microsoft Volume Shadow Service. We do not recommend scanning/defragging the Microsoft Volume Shadow protected drive. Do you still want to continue? Yes or No”.

I am told by Uniblue Technical Support Team that:

….this is just a warning for those users that use Vista’s inbuilt shadow imaging feature, which allows users to revert files back to a previous version. When you defrag your hard disk, these shadow copies become unavailable. However, I can confirm that if you don’t really need to revert to any previous versions of your files at present, it is safe to go ahead with the defrag.