Features And Specifications Of Ultrabook Slider S20

The evolutionary period is booming in the informational technology world. There are drastic changes and the launches we can find in the industry that are providing the cutting edge devices like ultrabook Slider S20 that is convertible. As the name suggests that it is a slider this refers to the fact that it can easily be transformed. In this manner, the device can be used in both forms that are as laptop and a tablet as well. There are some ultimate features of this ultrabook Slider S20 that makes it unique and outstanding.


  • touch screen with Full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels
  • can recognize approximately 10touches
  • On-board processor Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, SSD 128 GB.
  • Wireless adapter Jackson Peak Wireless,
  • HD webcam,
  • LAN Ethernet
  • 2 ports USB 3.0,
  • Module Bluetooth
  • External monitor interface, available mini HDMI
  • A thickness of less than 1 inch (25.4 mm)
  • Weight of 2.2 pounds
  • Operating system is Windows 8.

With ultrabook Slider S20, you will get:


This unique device has been design in luxurious way that gives a royal display to the notebook. It is light weight and can be easily carried anywhere you wish to take along with you like office or learning campus. It has the dual functions that are of laptop and tablet as well hence the screen display size is comparatively larger than the tablets. The slider that in inbuilt in it is smooth and doesn’t cause as hurdle while conversion. It has exclusive features that have been mentioned before thus it gives a complete package to the consumers.


Availability of colors:

This ultra hot device comes in two generic colors that are attracted by most of the customers. It has two colors Silver and black, with the glossy effect that makes it classy and royal. Along with this, it has Chiclets kind of keyboard.


Though it has a dual function but the performance is up to the mark. Rather it runs smooth and faster than the old ones. The laptop cum tablet is powered with Intel Ivy Bride processor. Due to this matter of fact it rums better than the old notebook.

Battery time:

The battery time is up to 6 hours that is commendable as compared to the notebooks. It has advanced functionalities and the backup time.

These are the main features of the ultrabook Slider S20 that makes this device hot in the technology field. The advancement in the technology can not only be seen in terms of laptops but you will also find the improved gadgets like the cell phones, it is not only merely a cell phone used for the communication purpose. You will find the android, I-phone and much other technology that has been introduced in these as well that gives them a vast variety to flourish the trends further more. Not only the cell phones have improved and customized but the notebooks are playing great in the competitive neck to neck market. Even with the ultrabook Slider S20, the specifications are extra ordinary exclusive that you won’t find in an ordinary notebook or a laptop.

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