UAC Improvements in Windows 7

This will be something that many Vista Users will appreciate: the ability to adjust the User Account Control prompts that so annoy you. Personally, I learned to live with them, recognizing the need for the extra security it provided. I only found it mildly annoying when setting up a new Vista machine; all the software installations that followed would result in UAC prompts at almost every click it seemed.

Windows 7 (I am running build 6801 Milestone 3) provides a slider control for adjusting the amount and types of prompts you will see:


From this screen capture, you can see I have the slider present set at ‘Always notify me’ which is much the same situation as it is in Vista’s default arrangement. The next lower position is ‘Only notify me when programs try to make changes to my computer’. The bottom setting is ‘Never notify’, which I am sure most folks will prefer. I like to be notified of anything that attempts to make changes to Windows, whether I initiated it or not, so I’ll leave it where it is, which is the default on a new install of Windows 7.