New and Innovative Twitter Strategies for Your Business

Twitter is a popular social networking site. Recent studies say that 30% of businesses are using this social site to promote their products and services. Through social media, businesses are increasing their profits and sales rates. Most people use twitter to share their views. Everyday customers login to twitter to know new opportunities, information, products and services. Never ignore your business presence on twitter which helps in boosting your progress rates. All kinds of businesses use Twitter from marketing to customer service.

Here are some secret tips on how to get more twitter followers:

Target right audience:

Target potential customers who are interested in your business activities. Limit your scope to the specific audience. You need to identify active users. Make a list of active customers who shows interest in your products and services. Build relationship with them. Give the latest information about your upcoming products and services to active customers through emails. Provide special offers and discounts for regular clients. This helps in building relationship and trust.

Identify what others are speaking:

You should know how your customers talk, what they like in your products and how they will raise your word of mouth. Look up how they are interacting about your firm. In the same way, identify your competitors. Focus on their words and retweets. Know what articles and links interests your audience. This helps in knowing your business standards.


Twitter is the best marketing channel which boosts your website traffic and visibility. For instance post your website links on twitter which redirects to your web page. This is how users will know about your new products, press releases, blogs etc.

Employee tweets:

Encourage your employees to interact with customers. This is an effective marketing strategy to build trust in customers. Through employee interaction you can not only build your brand name but also enable more interaction.

Target your market:

Target potential customers in your niche. Provide relevant content to the customers. Know what they are looking for. Analyse their needs. Respond to customer queries through comments. Participate in their discussion. Ask them to give feedback. Learn from your feedback.


Keywords represents your website. Make a list of keywords which represents your business. While tweeting others make sure to use these keywords which help people to identify your business activities.

Use different tools:

In order to manage your business progress, you need to use different tools. For example hoot suite is the tool which manages user accounts. Some of the popular twitter tools include Splitweet, Tweet2tweet, CoTweet etc.

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