How To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Mobile Workstation

Do you have a smartphone? If so, you probably have had great expectations about making your phone a mobile workstation. However, in practice, this sometimes gets put on the back burner. With a few apps and accessories, turning your phone into a workstation is quick and easy.

Take Notes with Catch

An app that helps you take notes and keep track of ideas is essential when working on your phone. With Catch, you can take voice or written notes. Additionally, you can keep these notes locally on the computer or online. The app is free, so that makes it even more valuable.

Swiftkey Makes Writing Faster

Whether taking notes, writing presentations, or even just writing texts, having a good keyboard on your phone is crucial. Swiftkey is a great option, as it lets you write things quicker than typing in each letter on the keyboard. It detects your normal typing style, and remembers it.

Stay Informed with Wikipedia Offline

Do you need to have access to information at all times? Wikipedia Offline is a great resource for anyone who needs to write articles, know information, and more.

Keep Your Phone Safe with an Antivirus

If you are using your HTC 8X or any other smartphone for work, it is a good idea to have an antivirus on the phone. This will help you keep everything safe and secure. Just like computer security, you need to make sure that any information on your phone is secure.

Integrate Your Email

You can get emails on your phone. And you can integrate your work email to your phone. This is very helpful for those on the go. You can read, respond to, and create emails wherever you are. Integrating your email helps keep you on track all the time.

Use a Stylus

Having a stylus that works with your phone can be helpful. Depending on what type of business you are in, a stylus can be extremely beneficial. For example, graphic designers can use a stylus with their phone to create new designs.

Keep Track of Links with Pocket

Have you come across a website that you want to read later? Are there sites you frequent for your job? Keep track of them with Pocket. With a Pocket account, you can save websites on your phone or computer and open them on the other. This is a great way to keep track of sites you need on a regular basis.

Schedule Planner Pro Keeps you on Task

Keep track of everything you need to do with Schedule Planner Pro. This app can help you stay on task at home and when working. Just put in what you need to do, and check the items off as you finish them.

Stay Connected with WiFi

If you are concerned that you will be somewhere that does not have a connection, consider getting a WiFi card. This will ensure that you are always connected. Additionally, keep an eye out for areas with WiFi hotspots. This can save you a ton of stress and frustration when working on a deadline.

Turning your phone into a mobile workstation is simple. Since most people carry their phones at all times, having a few work-style apps can keep you working and on task.

Terry Scott is a computer networking systems administrator and has written many helpful technology based articles.