Tricks That Google Is Missing Out On

Google may be the undisputed rulers of the internet, but they are not infallible and they are certainly not completely immune to making mistakes. In fact when you look at some of their services it seems that there are definitely things they could be doing better and areas where their strategies aren’t quite working. Here we will look at a few examples of areas that Google could improve in and things that they aren’t doing that well, and it might give us some clues as to where they could be heading in the future and how we can make sure we’re offering the very best services ourselves.

YouTube’s Partnership Scheme

As someone who has a YouTube channel and who has a lot of viewers I can tell you that it’s not ideal to be a publisher on the service. I started my channel years back before Google started clamping down on the use of copyright music so heavily, and as such I had a few tunes playing in the background of some of my videos that weren’t strictly ‘mine’ per say. In some cases these were tiny snippets of tracks, but it was enough for YouTube to suddenly remove the sound track from my videos and inform me that I would now never be invited to join the YouTube partnership scheme and that there would be no opportunity for an appeal on that decision. Wow. So the only way I could be invited would be to create a new channel which would mean losing my thousands of established subscribers. Wow again.

YouTube Accounts

And in order to make a new YouTube channel I need a whole new YouTube account. Why? Because you can’t have two accounts with the same login details. You also can’t change your username or create a new account without getting a whole new Google login and e-mail too. Which presumably would mean I’d need a new Adsense account to make any revenue too. Pretty shoddy there really Google…

The Play Book Store

Currently I’m selling hundreds of books a month on Kindle and I’m quite smug about it. Unfortunately because I’m in England I get a huge tax, and that’s before Amazon take their share so I actually don’t make much profit from this enterprise. As such I’d much rather be selling to the significantly larger Android audience but have you seen the current process for uploading a book on Google Play? The site looks like it was made in the 90s, it’s not automated and you need an ISBN to even be considered. It’s like Google don’t want any books in their library. Who wants to compete with iTunes anyway?

Contextual Ads

So as an advertiser with Adsense your ads will be contextual in that they will appear only on relevant sites. But wouldn’t it be cool if you could get your ad to change depending on the precise content of that page? So for instance you would be able to have an advert for an online shop that showed the most relevant products in your store based on the content of the site programmatically and so that you only needed a single advert to do it.

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