Travel Light and Enjoy Your Vacation!

suitcase_waltz_by_6mm_wonder The great thing about the Internet is that one has access to all sorts of information at our fingertips (or mouse pointer) that we only could have dreamed of only a decade or so ago.

Think of all the times when you came across a magazine article or newspaper column and you wanted to keep it. You either kept the magazine on a shelf, or cut out the article and stuck it in a drawer or file cabinet, never to be found again!

Well, the Internet is always there to help and the following site is a good example of the usefulness of the ‘Net as a source of helpful information for our busy lives.

The site (“The Art and Science of Travelling Light”) is unique in offering travel packing tips for business or leisure. Subjects like “What to Pack”, “What to Pack it In”, “How to Pack It” and more are thoroughly covered and fun to read.

The site is owned by Doug Dyment, the “Go-Light Guru” who also gives presentations on traveling. His professional site can be found here:

Give the One Bag site a look and be prepared to travel light (and have more fun) the next time you travel.

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