5 Outstanding Travel Apps For Windows Phone Users

Thanks to innovations in the field of technology, planning a holiday, travelling abroad, or getting your way around on a foreign land can be a breeze! With the help of your smart phone and a whole gamut of amazing travel apps available in the market, you can make your travel experience smooth, enjoyable, and hassle-free! So get rid of all that chaos and confusion, and just download these five ultimate travel apps for your Windows phone.


If you’re travelling abroad or going on holiday, Yelp is one handy app that your smart phone should definitely be equipped with. When it comes to locating or searching businesses in a particular area, Yelp will help. Be it a gas station, a bar, a restaurant, a club, or a shop, Yelp will allow you to find any of these at the tap of your finger. If you want, you can narrow down or filter your search on the basis of category, distance, and so on. Furthermore, Yelp also lets you look at reviews, ratings, pictures, opening hours, addresses, contact numbers and much more. With a straightforward interface and convenient search filters, Yelp is here to help!

XE Currency

If you’re heading to a foreign country for your holiday this time, activities like shopping and trying out different cuisines are bound to top your travel agenda. While you’re busy shopping or eating in exotic restaurants abroad, you would definitely want to keep a check on how much you’re spending. This is when XE Currency comes in handy. This intelligent app will effortlessly solve all your currency exchange woes in a jiffy!  Featuring almost all the currencies that you would ever need, the app gives you accurate and comprehensive currency exchange rates that get refreshed by the minute. The best part about the app is that you can also save the latest rates and use them in an offline mode – perfect in case you run out of internet access!


When you’re hunting for the ultimate travel apps to download on your Windows phone before you jet away on an exotic holiday, make sure you search for TripIt. This is indeed an ultimate app when it comes to organizing and managing your travels. The app lets you keep an eyes on all your travel plans, ticket confirmations, bookings, and what not, by keeping it all organized in one place. Whether it’s flight details, car rental details, restaurant reservations and so on, TripIt allows you to import all data to a TripIt folder, making it easy for you to have access to all these details at a glance. The app also scans your Gmail inbox and imports all your travel-related data to the folder – how impressive is that!


Kayak is yet another incredible travel app that you’ve definitely got to check out. This is the perfect app when it comes to making flight and hotel bookings. Moreover, that’s not all – this remarkable app also lets you search for car rentals, helps you check your flight status, lets you access information about the airline or the airport, and much more. With the help of Kayak, you can also compare different hotel and flight rates, and access a full range of filters to get the best deals and rates available.


gMaps is a smooth and promising app that provides you with a host of features that will make sure you get from one point to another effortlessly. It an amazing navigation app that helps you find your location on the map and also tracks your speed. You get to select from a range of different views such as street, satellite, physical, hybrid, and so on. The app will give you a clean and detailed map based on your destination and your mode of travel – be it by foot, car, bicycle, or public transport. With a responsive interface, easy to follow navigation, and quick map updates, this is undoubtedly one impressive travel app that you shouldn’t miss out on.

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