My Superpower: Touch Typing

When I’m doing my work I like to travel around and see a bit of London (that’s where I live). I don’t take the term ‘work from home’ literally, and rather I prefer to take my work with me to coffee shops, on the train, to pubs and even to the nice patch of grass outside the office that my girlfriend works in.

Touch Typing on a tablet PC

As I’m travelling around though I often draw quite a lot of attention to myself for my touch typing abilities. The thing is that I look like some kind of writing version of Rain Man when I type, because my hands move so fast across the keyboards, and because I don’t tend to look at the screen even slightly when I’m writing. Sometimes people will actually come and approach me to express their awe, and not to blow my own trumpet but I’ve yet to meet anyone who can match me on speed.

This is a more useful skill than you might imagine. Of course it means that I’m able to get my work done quicker, to write more for my blogs, and to earn more money… but at the same time it has some other advantages too. Here then I’m going to share with you how you can accomplish the same kind of words per minute, and then what you can do with it to make your life easier and more pleasant.

How I Developed My Super Powers

I am more like Iron Man than Spider-Man in that I worked for my superpowers rather than having them thrust upon me by accident. To develop this skill the main thing I of course did was to practice – I had a ZX Spectrum when I was 7 and being a bit of a nerd I would use that a lot. Since then I took a writing job and wrote a blog and I set myself increasing targets that are now in excess of 10,000 words a day. That simple daily practice, and that simple focus is what gave me the ability to write this fast. Not a ridiculous rhyme for each finger that my cousin apparently was taught at her touch typing class…

There are other tips though that can help you as well. For one, it’s highly useful to get the right keyboard, and actually a smaller keyboard (within reason) will help you type faster because the keys are closer together. At the same time, when you’re learning it can help to look at the keys more than at the screen. Do bother to learn to type with more than one finger, and practice ‘imaginary’ typing on the desk when you’re not in front of the computer.

How it Can Benefit You

Now what can you do with these touch typing skills? Well one unexpected benefit is that you can use them to help give your eyes a break. I sit in coffee shops while writing often as I said, and that means I can look out the window at the world going by while I type rather than having to look at the keys.

Often though, rather than doing this I will look at the screen of my Nexus 7 with some kind of action film on. This makes writing a lot more entertaining and means I never get bored (YouTube has plenty of Jackie Chan and you don’t really need the dialogue).

Most importantly though this is perfect for rewording other articles as you can open up an article on one side of the screen and just read through this while you reword it automatically. And then of course there’s the groupies..

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