Angry Birds and Online Bingo Among Top Pastimes of 2012

Throughout the last year there have been tons of different apps and games developed to keep us entertained, so many in fact that it’s been difficult to find one that beats all of the rest. The likes of Angry Birds, without a doubt, changed the game (no pun intended), in terms of viral games by becoming the most downloaded app in the smartphone era, while a more traditional game was one of the most popular in the online space.

Believe it or not, bingo was one of the most played games on the Internet and, particularly in the UK, a whole new audience has become attracted and they’re now spending all of their free time and getting their “bingo thrill” by playing online, and it’s not hard to see why when you think that people playing Mecca bingo win real money and get to interact with their friends and other players at the same time.

Without a doubt, Facebook and Twitter were the most used pastimes with billions of users around the world using the social networking sites to stay in touch with their friends, post pictures, tell people where they are and stay in touch with the lives of their favourite celebrities. Other users were logging on to stream live events such as football matches, while others were catching up with their favourite shows on sites such as BBC iPlayer. 

Role playing games were also on the list of activities that had us captivated for hours, with users logging on to participate in games such as Call of Duty against their friends via the Internet directly through their computers, or through systems like Xbox Live.

It remains to be seen how many of these pastimes will be in the top list in 2013, but it’s safe to say the competition is going to be fierce. The world is becoming much more digitally focused and as such more and more sites are developing ways of attracting users to their sites and getting them to engage with each other or the services they’re providing.