Top iPad Apps – Convert Your Tablet to a Television Set

TV is no more confined to the living room or to your bed room. You can now watch your favorite television shows anywhere you feel like. How this can happen? Do you have an iPad? Just take an iPad and watch online streaming of TV programs, whether you are waiting on some shopping complex or travelling in your car. The high-end resolution display of your iPad makes your TV watching a superb experience.

Plenty of iPad apps are there to facilitate you to consume your desired TV movies and shows to the fullest. Make the most of this portable screen!

The iPad Apps – Online TV Streaming

BBC iPlayer: If you have missed the news of few days back, you can catch these up on your iPad. The BBC iPlayer enables you to take the pleasure of BBC shows of the last week as well as have entertainment from live streaming of Beeb’s channels. Your kids can also stay tuned for hours with Octonauts.

4oD: Has your busy schedule not given you the chance to watch your favorite show? Don’t be sad! You have this app now for your iPad, which will let you watch the shows you missed on Channel 4. Just go a month back in time and catch up the show already aired on Channel 4. The sections in this app can be easily understood. A whole list of Channel 4 shows and popular TV programs will be presented to you…

ITV Player: While you are attending a meeting, your mind might be wondering about the TV shows. What can you do? It’s simple – complete the meeting and with the help of this app watch on your iPad what TV show was broadcasted at that moment. One thing – this app doesn’t allow you to take the pleasure of live TV streaming. If you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can use this app right away!

The clean and user-friendly interface enables you to watch the shows you should not “Miss” in any way. Don’t you want your kid to watch some show? Use the parental lock to prevent the little ones from watching what you do not want them to.

Netfix: Not only can you watch the recent movies on the iPad, Netfix also gives you the opportunity to enjoy box set TV shows. From Breaking Bad to Dexter, all great TV shows are set ready for streaming on your iPad. Are you struggling to get sleep? Why struggle so much? Just turn on your iPad and enjoy movies and TV shows.

The best part of this app is that – in case you take a break in between some show or movie, you don’t have to remember it. Yes, it is done by the app. It remembers where you have stopped and the next time you start the show, it will continue from where you have left it. Isn’t that really a smart app???

Lovefilm: Movie maniacs, this app for you. Say you are on wheels and you want to have a wonderful pastime by watching some film, get this app on your iPad provide you have the latest version and a Wi-Fi connection.

Which app you prefer the most? Have a look right here…

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