Top 5 Awesome Windows 8 Improvements

Microsoft is the dominant king in operating system and newer versions are getting upgraded each and every time whenever there is a flaw in older versions. Laptops and iPads are now dominating throughout the world. But still, there are many desktop users who prefer to go for desktop systems because of the amazing features of Windows 8. Let us see what the amazing features that Windows 8 has are.

Boot Speed

Windows 8 has a dramatic increase in boot speed. Whenever the system is shut down, Windows 8 employs a trick that it has already saved the earlier state of low level software like the Kernel and other hardware drivers to the disk and it will be restored back when it again gets booted up. It also has UEFI which helps faster booting .

File Copying

File copying has improved greatly with new features making play and pause of file-copying operations even in the same window and hence conflicts are resolved. It additionally has graph mechanism to know about file transfer’s speed over time.

Storage Spaces

Another wonderful advantage of Windows 8 is that it allows users to combine storage space from several physical hard disks thus making a large storage space in one hard disk itself. But internally they are all from different hard disks.

Refresh and Reset

Sometimes certain situations may require users to reinstall Windows. Windows 8 offers powerful technique in the sense that one can create their own system image and refresh Windows to it. Hence one can bring back the state of OS (operating system) to a fresh state quickly whenever there is a problem in the OS.


Security, of course is the highly determining area where everyone thinks about first, i.e. either Windows or Linux. Windows 8 has an integrated antivirus called Windows Defender which will safely safeguard the system. Users can use their antivirus product as well by disabling Windows defender. But Windows defender helps novice users a lot.

Improved Search Function

Searching has become quite easier with Windows 8. Under the start menu itself, search utility is found which allows users to type a text and it ultimately opens a search box with the search results. It is evident that search results match with all applications and files instantaneously. Search within app has come up with fashion. For example to find out the emails from a user, one need to click an email app and need to search within.

Task Manager

Task Manager has a Startup software manager that has customization feature which allows the users to control the software which are all needed at startup. It has different coloring schemes which allow users to identify which program is taking high memory and also tell about the details of each process with search online facilities.

About the Author: Brianne is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, reading and travelling. She contributes to World Financial Group.