Top 5 Types of Online Scams that Everyone Should Know

With the growing numbers of internet users today, online scams have become more and more popular among internet attackers to earn some income. It does not have to be technical such as infecting the victim with Trojan or tricking them with phishing website. It can be as simple as just a piece of email and here are 5 types of Online Scams that everyone should know.

  1. You Won a Lottery! Come on. I get this type of email every day and my usual question to this email is, since when did I buy a lottery? Am I really so lucky where I was picked among zillions of people? I tried to go through part of the process and how they plan to cheat my money were to ask me to send them $150 bucks to deliver my prize. Isn’t that ridiculous? I am already winning millions of dollars and they still want to bother me about $150?
  2. I have millions of dollars and looking for a partner like you to start a business. Yeah right. I don’t know how you managed to find me, but I am very sure you got the wrong guy. Heloo ~ I’m just a software engineer here and I don’t know how to turn your millions of dollars into zillions!
  3. Work from Home: Earn $5000 in One Week with this awesome tool. How amazing. All you need to do is to spend hundreds of dollars to buy their awesome tool and you can earn $5000 a week. They don’t even tell you what is the name of the tool or even how it works. All they show you is some fake pay checks and fake testimonial. If you have any successful stories on this type of awesome tool, please let me know.
  4. You’ve 230 infections in your computer! Oh My God, what should I do next? Relax, just follow the email and click on some link to buy an awesome Malware removal tool, a removal tool that is so exclusive where you can’t find it anywhere on the internet when you tried to Google. It is like; the Malware removal tool is made exclusively for you only. Again, if you have any successful story, do submit your tool to some Antivirus Test software to get the tool evaluated. I am really excited to see what the reviewer has to say about the removal tool.
  5. Get listed on Google Page #1 with less than $100. SEO scam is quite a new trick and what they present in their email are details of how much traffic you will get and how fast you can get into Google Page #1. Personally, I nearly fall for that trick. Fortunately there are something called Alexa rank and Google PageRank where I manage to discover that those SEO service site couldn’t even get below 1 million Alexa Rank and Google PageRank of N/A. So, how can they improve your site if they can’t do that for their own site?

Of course, these are not the only 5 types of online scams out on the internet. There are still many more to come and it is very important to check every detail before replying the email or even better, immediately delete those email that you have no idea who the sender is.