Top 3 All Time SEO Tips

If you compare search engine optimization tips nowadays and the ones you used to get 10 years ago you will definitely notice things in the SEO world have changed a lot. According to Matt Cutts (Google’s most known person) all you need to do in order to get decent ranking and a lot of organic (natural) traffic is to create great content and that will automatically make people put a backlink to your awesome content. Actually, Google’s engineers are doing their best to fight against spammers. Not that Mr Cutts is not absolutely right, but if you wait for people to link back to you and do nothing to create your own link building strategies, you are definitely losing a lot. Your competitors do that, I can assure you.

But still, I want to talk about what is really important and it doesn’t matter if you take a look at the same factors now or 10 years ago, they are still the same! There are 3 main things you should absolutely do when you take care for your SEO properly. Here they are :

  1. Page Title
  2. Page (or website) Friendly URL
  3. Backlinks (The Most Important Aspect)

Let’s start with the first important thing – page title. If I have to give you a brief explanation why this is important I have to say page title is the same thing as the article title in the newspaper. Imagine all of the articles written without any title. Wouldn’t that be horrible? In order to get what the article is all about you have to read it first. The same thing applies for search engines. Your website is like a newspaper in digital format. The title of your page gives the search engines the opportunity to know what you have to say in the body of your page. If those three things – page title, page URL and the backlinks of course are 100% of your SEO efforts, then the Page title should get like 25% of those 100%. The clearer and better optimized the title is, the easier you’ll rank. So keep that in mind.

The second important ranking aspect is the Page URL. In simple words this means the web address and how well optimized it. You can see all sorts of URL addresses based on the category, ID of a product or article, based on the code used to create the website (html, php, asp, ect). It doesn’t really matter what programing language you have used to create the website all that matters at the end is to be search engine friendly. If you have an article or a web page called “3 Keys To Social Media Success” your URL should look like :

Of course if you have an extension at the end such as .htm,.html, .php, .asp it’s ok. That doesn’t really matter to SE. In percentages, Page URLs are 25% of the importance of the whole SEO base.

And the last but not least, the importance of backlinks. No matter what you read or see about backlinks do not count only to people backlinks. What I mean is that you should do your own backlinks or you can hire someone to do it for you. The backlinks should be as natural looking as possible. People talk that each algorithm update could be fatal. Well, that’s so not true. All you have to do is just try to make your link building as natural as possible – this includes : link diversity, anchor text diversity, use images as a backlink and as much backlink and it you’ll be ok.

Author Bio:
My name is Katina Gerdzhikova and I have been dealing with SEO for almost two years now. I love learning new stuff about SEO and share them with the world on my SEO blog.