Top 11 Hidden Easter Eggs on Major Web and Office Applications

Time killers, internet junkies, and quirky coders guide to Hidden Easter Eggs

Finding Easter eggs on different web sites and applications can be an awesome time killer for internet junkies and office employees around the US. You never know exactly what you will find, or when quirky developers will add their own flair into a major software release, so the Easter egg hunt is always on. The following 11 Easter eggs have proven to be quite entertaining.

Your Next Seven. This site, dedicated to online scheduling and managerial skills, has an awesome egg. Drop to the bottom of the page and on the right side of the footer you will see a line that says “destroy things.” Click on this and a spaceship will appear, fully armed and ready to create chaos. You can control the ship with your arrow keys.

Google Search. Google likes to have fun with some of their more unusual search terms. Go to Google search and type in Zerg Rush and watch what happens.

Open Office. Create a new spreadsheet in Open Office. In one of the cells, type in: =game() and hit enter. The cell will respond with “Say What?” Type in: =GAME(“StarWars”) A separate window will open for the game. If you try to enter the formula again once the game is complete, the cell will respond with “Oh no, not again.” To replay, you must exit Open Office and restart a new spreadsheet.

Adobe Photoshop CS2. Holding down the CTRL key, click on Help button and click “About Photoshop. Once you do this the Space Monkey will appear. Have fun.

Adobe ImageReady 7.0. Click on Help, followed by About ImageReady. When you do this a globe will appear in water. Hold down CTRL key and click anywhere on the globe. A yellow duck will appear. Press down ALT and CTRL, and a scope will appear allowing you to shoot the ducks.

Shutterfly. When you use Shutterfly to edit your pictures you can have a little fun. Open up a picture and hit edit. Look under the Fix tab for a very small orange dot. If you click on the dot, it will convert your picture into a slide puzzle.

Quark Xpress. This works on most versions of Quark. Create something on a blank page like a text box. Press Command + Option + Shift K at the same time. Watch as the aliens invade.

Quark Xpress. This is another great egg from Quark. Open any existing file and select several text and graphic boxes. Press: Control + Alt + K. All your text and graphics will melt together into a pile of slime, with the appropriate slime “sound” at the end.

Google Maps. For those who love “Lord of the Rings,” you can get walking directions from “The Shire” to “Mordor” on Google Maps.

Google Language. The best way to find some of the Easter eggs hidden within Google language is to search for “Google language” on the search engine and select “I feel lucky.” Some of the languages that will appear will include: Swedish Chef (from the Muppets) and Klingon.

Instant Checkmate. Showing their lighter side, this online criminal background check provider has developed a very quirky easter egg in their site.  Visit the site and enter the first name “veloci” and last name “raptor” and you’ll be treated to a dinosaur roaring across your screen!

“Top 11 Hidden Easter Eggs on Major Web and Office Applications” was written by Kristen Bright, of Instant Checkmate.