Top 10 Signs Your PC Might Crash

    1. Your computer intermittently freezes while you’re trying to start up, surf the internet, or work in a program. When your PC freezes, you’re forced to reboot and lose your unsaved data.
    2. You receive frequent error messages when performing simple tasks. This includes messages about files being corrupt or inaccessible when trying to open them, warnings that the file cannot be saved, and even alerts that your program has stopped responding.
    3. You’re getting an unusual number of pop-up windows, even when you aren’t surfing the web. Fake virus alerts are notorious for tricking users into downloading spyware masquerading as antivirus programs. At times, just viewing a hijacked ad on a legitimate webpage can cause the infection. Regardless of the cause, once the pop-up windows start, even the best antivirus software cannot completely clean up the damage caused by such malware.
    4. Your computer starts up and runs extremely slowly. While some performance degradation is caused by bloated software, other speed related issues cost you not only your time but also rob your personal and professional information without warning.
    5. Your web browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, etc.) has been hijacked and your searches are redirected to the wrong site. The change could have happened by an accidental click of the mouse; however, the majority of cases are caused by viruses leaving your computer and all your files open for hackers to steal and delete at will. Even worse, your hijacked PC can send highly offensive emails to everyone in your contacts and ruin your good reputation!
    6. You suddenly get the “Blue Screen of Death” with an error message. Sometimes you won’t see the blue screen because the computer will just shut off. This is your sign that your computer is in trouble and needs professional diagnosis.
    7. You hear unusual noises emanating from the computer case especially loud clicking, buzzing, grinding, or whirring. These sounds are the death rattles of your PC, and each passing moment means that more data is being destroyed with less possibility of recovery.
    8. Your display flickers, dims, has color distortions, fails to refresh after closing a program, or remains black after powering on. This problem is especially troublesome for laptop and netbook users who cannot just try another monitor. Bring in your PC or laptop for diagnosis before the defect becomes an emergency.
    9. Your primary hard drive is getting full. Depending on your operating system, you may get a warning that your C drive is almost out of space. When that happens, your computer will eventually stop working because it requires a certain amount of hard disk space to complete processing tasks.
    10. Your PC keeps rebooting on its own. The first time the computer reboots unexpectedly, it loses its unsaved data. Thereafter, the continual reboots prevent you from getting your leads and will soon cause your computer to stop working altogether.

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