Top 10 Most Searched For Things Online

The internet has shaped our lives in many ways than we can imagine. Words such as Google, YouTube, Facebook have become part of our everyday vocabulary. Maybe one major reason behind such turn of events in the new millennium was the ability of an average person to use the internet to find information on just about anything.

With the advent of e-commerce portals and social media marketing powered through Web 2.0 solutions, the internet became more than a place to siphon through information. Today, the internet is one big library that houses a mall and entertainment hub within itself. So, what are the top 10 most searched for things online in today’s world? Laid down below are categories that people never seem to be satisfied searching for. These ten things always keep coming back in our lists. (Porn as a category has been left out from the rankings otherwise it would dominate the majority of positions!)

Social Media

The top spot on this list goes to Facebook followed closely by Twitter. A year ago, the charts were dominated by MySpace but Facebook has once again come to the top with over double the total users compared to the past five years alone.


Funny enough, Google, a search engine, itself comes up as the second most searched for thing online today. Why would someone search for Google on Google itself is hard to imagine but as far as lists go, Google makes it to the number two position.

Yahoo and Yahoo Mail

It seems that Yahoo and its other features have once again become highly popular. Probably one reason for this is their different ranking structure to that used by Google. Nevertheless, SEM and SEO experts say that it’s easier catering to Yahoo SERP pages and maybe that is why people have been searching for Yahoo so much.


Although Craigslist comes in at number four, the general terms used with online job portals and advertisement usually get a lot of global hits. A close term to Craigslist are freelancing websites that seem to be drawing in a heavier footfall this year. Unemployment situations in the West and Europe seem to be fueling this trend.


The e-commerce site that lets you purchase anything and everything online is once again in the list simply because it is the best out there. Nothing comes close to eBay when sellers and buyers are concerned. Its innovative auction system and the Paypal protection it enjoys make it the most preferred e-commerce site.


Close on the heels of eBay is Amazon that may not be all that interactive like the former but it sure does offer some of the best deals from retailers and wholesalers. Amazon reviews are trusted by millions around the globe and probably that makes it an excellent place to shop for products. A simple look at the many Amazon product promotion websites suggests its increasing popularity.


Paypal continues to be the undisputed payment portal even in 2012. Its simple system and uncomplicated policies with low commissions make it the most secured and user friendly payment portal.

Banking Sites

A spot goes to a collection of websites that belong to various banks of the world. As e-banking takes a major foothold worldwide, people are starting to visit their respective banking portals to conduct business rather than walking into banks. If all banking websites are taken as one then they would collectively trump the above mentioned hot things.

Games Portal

Making up the rear of the top 10 things searched list are game portals and online casinos or interactive entertainment websites. One major reason why these sites are not on top even though they attract a large contingent is because Facebook and other social media sites offer similar interactive game applications.