Tips to Simplify Your Life Using Technology

Life is already hard enough as it is, why not use the technology that we’ve been given to make life a little bit easier. There are endless tools on the Internet that were made with the intentions of simplifying life. Sit back, take a deep breath and relax because once you know what tools to be using, you’re going to have much more time on your hands.

Google Calendar

Writing things down on paper is something a lot of us are used to doing and feel comfort in writing things down. Logically, it’s not always the best way of keeping track of what we have going on. The difference between a paper calendar and a web-based calendar is that the web-based calendar can remind us of appointments and things going on where as a paper calendar can’t.

With Google Calendar’s email function, you will have the ability to remind yourself of an event a week before, two days before, and even 15 minutes before the event occurs. You can set as many reminders as you’d like to keep you on track and keep you from forgetting the important things going on in your life.


What’s worse than working a long day and once you finally get out, getting stuck in traffic due to construction? Instead of continuing your bad day in the car, avoid it all together by checking out Waze. This community-based GPS traffic and navigation app allows your peers to comment on driving conditions, what’s happening on the road in your area and even provide you with turn by turn navigation to automatically re-route you when road conditions change.


Whether you’re having a romantic dinner or a festive party, the Songza app puts together the perfect playlist for any occasion. With Songza, you are given a soundtrack created by music experts designed for you and what you need. You can have an upbeat and lively mix of your favorite songs for a party or a low and mood-fitting playlist for something a little more intimate. Whatever you desire, Songza can create something for you.

The unique service of allows you the peace of mind of knowing what you’ve accomplished after a long day. The tool simply sends you an evening reminder which you reply to with what you did that day. The following day, you will receive a digest with what everyone else on your team got done as well. Go back and review your accomplishments by day, week or month.

What’s great about this service is that it helps to monitor what you’re doing and will in turn help you determine whether or not what you’ve been doing is productive or if there are habits you need to change for a stronger performance.

Are you a visual learner? If the answer is yes, then you’ll definitely want to pay attention to this one. was made for those who need to see color and design to help them learn and understand something. has a database of colorful infographics from around the web to help you understand a concept using visual cues. Be careful though, this site is easy to get lost in for hours at a time. The number of infographics they have is incredible, you’ll never have to look anywhere else for visuals again.

Life can be easier if you just let technology help you. By utilizing the tools listed above, you can keep organized, learn more and stay up to date on what’s going on with half of the effort. Try them for yourself and see how much easier life can be.

Alison Waters is a freelance writer who works closely with IT consulting services to ensure that when she encounters an IT problem, she isn’t stuck with the headache that goes along with it. She suggests that every business considers using these services to stay up-to-date with answers to any potential IT problems.