Tip: The Right-Click Trick

Well, it is not really a ‘trick’, but I am always amazed when I show the right-click mouse option to some and they never knew it existed.

What is the right-click and what can it do?

Well, it depends on what program you are currently in or where you are in Windows itself.

For example, right-click a blank area of your desktop and this is what you will likely see:

Now, right-click the Computer icon on your desktop (if you have it displayed) and you will see different options:

You get the idea now; the right-click menu can be a like a group of shortcuts related to the item clicked.

How about extending the options available? I have been using a great little freeware product called ‘Right-Click Extender’ which adds (or can add, it is up to you) quite a few options to the right click menu. It is now in version 2 and can be downloaded from The Windows Club site: http://www.thewindowsclub.com/right-click-context-menu-extender-for-windows-7-released

My two favourite options that Right-Click Extender adds is ‘Copy to…’ and ‘Move to…’ when you click on a file:

Right-Click Extender v2 adds many new options from the previous version. Right-Click Extender is designed for Windows 7, but should work with Windows Vista as well. While not designed for Windows XP some features will work with XP as well, but if you try it and you don’t find the feature added, this is due to certain features not being available for XP.

For more information and to download your copy of Right-Click Extender visit: http://www.thewindowsclub.com/right-click-context-menu-extender-for-windows-7-released