Three Paperless Filing Systems For Law Firms

woman_filesGoing paperless is a great way to get on track towards saving the environment– and your time. There are many reasons to go paperless, too, not just those two. For example, in addition to saving trees and time, going paperless can also do the following:

  • Save money by eliminating the costs of office supplies like paper and ink and office furniture like desks and shelves.
  • Save energy– yours, by eliminating the need to back-up files or documents, at least if you decide to go “cloud.”
  • Increase efficiency by getting fast, accurate access to your files or documents. Never lose them on your desk or in a drawer again.
  • Increase organization by keeping everything compact and close to hand. Every file or document is just a click away!
  • Allow yourself to work remotely. Having everything at your fingertips in a small device like a laptop, notebook, or even a tablet is the best way to work at home or on the road.

But, aren’t law firms a traditional profession? Why should they go paperless? Because, they actually use tons of paper– almost more paper than any profession. Have you ever seen or heard of discovery? Its what happens when someone has to look through boxes filled with documents that can range from emails to wills to letters for periods of time– up to decades, even.

So, here are the top 5 paperless filing systems for law firms.

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the more well-known paperless filing systems out there– and not just because its a Google product. Google Drive is really efficient. You can create, store, and share documents from your drive all with the click of a button. You can even edit documents that you upload online, and a new phone application feature allows you to scan documents– even ones as faint and frail as a receipt, and open them up for storing, editing, or sharing online. It sounds too good to be true, but its not.

Google drive is great for law firms, because it gets the job done with simplicity and sophistication.


Evernote might be just as popular as Google Drive, just amongst a different crowd. Professionals who run small or big business use Evernote to keep track of everything, from what they see online to what they create in their minds. Users of Evernote can even sync files with their other devices, a feature that is also found in Google Drive. But, you can use Evernote to save web pages, share work with friends and colleagues, research up on the latest topic that sparks your interest, and even plan an event like a work meeting or family trip.

Evernote is great for law firms, because its more than just your average filing system.


DropBox is another cloud system that much like Google and Evernote allows you to store everything online, syncing between devices, as well. Its the simplest of the three, but with its capacity for uploading, sharing, and sending– its not one paperless filing system to be ignored or forgotten, either.

DropBox is great for law firms because its an easy to use. no-fuss filing system.

Jennifer Machie writes for Jason McMinn of the McMinn Law Firm.