Time for a Theme Change at WindowsTalk

That's Me!For some time I have been considering a theme change here at WindowsTalk.org. I am using iTheme’s Builder Theme, the previous child theme was called Blueprint, although I heavily modified it with the help of the great support forum that is available to iTheme members. However, with the rapid expansion of mobile devices, the Blueprint theme was not what they call ‘responsive’ in that it could not render properly on all the different devices and operating systems on those devices. iThemes does have a plugin to help with this, but one needs to try and make the theme compatible with each type of device, so it is time consuming and not always pretty.

Recently, iThemes released a new responsive child theme for Builder called Icebox. They are celebrating Builder’s 3rd birthday, so they are making it available for free for 30 days. I took advantage of it, for it was the ‘look’ I was looking for and needed few modifications. And it displays better on moblie devices without a plugin. It being Christmas day, I thought it was a good time to make the change since most people are busier than normal and not online as much.

I still have some changes to make, but I think Icebox is a good-looking theme. Do you? I welcome any constructive comments.