The Windows 8 Consumer Preview Is Now Available

Microsoft recently announced that the Windows 8 Consumer Preview is now available, marking yet another important milestone in the Windows operating system. This latest preview is available for user download at

What You See Is What You Get

This Consumer Preview is going to provide customers with a better experience to test out the new Windows operating system, following the popular download of the Windows 8 Developer Preview that received 3 million downloads last year.

When downloading the preview, here’s what you can expect:

  • Big product changes and major improvements. Microsoft wants to let customers know across the board that Windows 8 has progressed with some major changes. The total user experience has been improved when it comes to touch, keyboard, and mouse. The Consumer Preview will show customers improved quality, performance, and reliability in the use of all systems.
  • New and better apps. With the Windows 8 Customer Preview comes the beta opening of the Windows Store, making a wide variety of new apps from Microsoft and third-party developers available. Customers can get personalized recommendations for apps directly from the Windows Store; Windows 8 users can transfer their apps and settings across multiple PCs.
  • Quick connection to the cloud. The Consumer Preview will also display the new integration of content from Windows PC and Windows Phones to the cloud. Customers can take advantage of extra features with an optional sign-in with a Microsoft account to communicate via e-mail, use cloud storage, and connect to multiple services with both Windows-based PCs and Phones.
  • IE 10 platform preview. Microsoft has now made available their revamped browser to offer a new Internet experience when browsing with Internet Explorer 10, designed for Windows 8 devices. The new browser is quick and Internet-focused to improve web experience with accelerated hardware.
  • New hardware capabilities. Microsoft has also revealed that Windows 8 can run on a variety of new x86- and ARM-based reference hardware, although the hardware will only be available to some developers for trial and testing purposes.


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