The Window Based Application Development

Broadly, there are two types of applications for computer systems including the Windows based applications and the web based applications. The former are basically computers based applications that runs from the computer or laptop on which Windows OS is installed. On the other hand, web based application requires an internet connection and can be accessed from any OS installed on the system. Both of these types of applications have got their own pros and cons. Like, the web based applications are much faster and can be accessed from anywhere and also can be used with any OS; however, they won’t be accessible if the server is down.



Windows Based Application Development

In earlier days, Windows used to be just a simple graphical user interface that used to run on MS DOS platform having their own file format and drivers that supported a particular application. However, the advancement of technology has introduced many software which provides a multiple user interface and also allows the Windows to run applications that are even bigger than the accessible memory. The most advanced Windows OS is the Windows 8 that offers a plethora of new features that were missing from earlier devices.

There are many ways to develop a Windows based application. Some of the most common software that are used for the same includes Visual Studio and Microsoft.NET Framework. By using the latest version of the Visual Studio, the application development process becomes much more reliable, quick and easy and by .NET programming application, the user can control the applications. Windows OS with .NET increases the speed at which they operate as it runs directly from the OS .Net Framework involves the use of various programming languages including VBScript, VB.NET, C#, C++ etc. that can be used for the development of Windows applications as this framework is not dependent on any particular language and supports many languages. Also, you can use the very same framework for running applications across various platforms including Mac, Linux and UNIX etc.

The reason why .NET framework is able to support so many programming languages is because it uses the popular Common Language Runtime Engine or CLR. In this, the programming codes of the application are compiled in the Microsoft Intermediate Langue or MSIL instead of the resident codes thereby allowing the running of apps by creating resident codes. As the global web application development phenomenon is constantly changing, IT professionals need to adapt the changing trends and must learn the latest Web application development skills.

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