The Top New Features of Windows Phone 8!

So the whole market is going crazy about the new boy on the block, the Windows Phone 8! Although Microsoft hasn’t been a partaker in the frenzy of Smartphones till now, but the advent of Windows Phone 8 is a sure marker of a changing scenario.

Microsoft is known for Windows desktop. Everyone globally (apart from the snobbish Mac Users) rely on Windows for all their offices related works. However, with the Windows Phone 8, we can expect a world that heavily depends on Microsoft for their Smartphones too.

Camera Perfect

So, since we have already established that there are a dozen or so Smartphones flooding the market, what are the things that separate Windows Phone 8 from the rest?

Applications are the mainstream that separates any phone from the other. In fact the kind of apps available on a particular phone determine how many users will buy it, how many will not. Also, the kinds of apps play an important role in user experience on the whole.

Having said that the buzz around the market is that Windows 8 has surprised everyone with its stunning camera apps. Today’s day and age have ascertained that people get everything they want within a device and the camera, amongst others, is a primary function.

Windows Phone 8 has introduced many Lens Applications which use the maximum productivity of the camera. One of the most impressive apps is the ‘Smart Shoot’ app. This app allows you to simply tap and remove elements from the picture. Say for example your wedding photo got photobombed by the bride’s maid. Simply tap on that figure and remove it from the frame. There, photobombing sorted.

Another great app is the ‘Cinema Graph’ which allows you to make partly animated pictures.

Other Apps

Windows Phone application development has ensured that its audiences have everything they ask for. Windows Phone 8 also promises many other apps that support various functions like:

Business Apps– For conducting Business processes like creating reports, mailing, sending memos and other such activities. Business apps ensure that you can go about your daily business even from remote locations. You can access database and conduct business proceedings from anywhere.

Entertainment apps– These apps are basically simply to entertain. An example would be the Talking tom.

Utility apps– utility apps essentially solve a purpose. These apps can be used to solve basic requirements like Flashlight that converts your camera flash to a flashlight, Calculator, Battery saver and barcode reader. There are thousands of utility apps that Windows Phone 8 offers.

Games- Gaming applications are the most popular apps in the industry today. People are making millions of dollars by creating paid games. These are the most engaging kind of apps and therefore people spend a lot of time on these applications.

Social network apps– Smartphones all favour social networking sites. Everyone today wants to stay connected. Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter enable people to share text, images and videos from anywhere in the world absolutely free. The social networking apps go a step further in allowing people to use all the advantages of these sites through their handsets.

Other Applications include:

  • Healthcare Apps
  • Education Apps
  • Lifestyle Apps
  • Product Apps
  • Mobile Commerce Apps

And many more


While there are many fish in the sea, not too many are as big as the latest one. Although it is undeniable that there will always be another bigger fish that will come around, but so long, Windows Phone 8 is doing just fine. Backed by a company like Microsoft, Windows Phone 8 has already won many hearts.

The battle between Android and iPhone was an entertaining one, but with w Windows Phone 8 as the newest player, things have gone to a different level.