The top 10 hottest topics online for 2012

Trying to prepare a list of the top 10 hottest or trending topics online for the year 2012 is as hard as trying to cure cancer. It takes research and a lot of data mining to get the answer but sometimes, it is pure serendipity that gives researchers a clue. This list is compiled out of data collected over the internet on topics that appeared globally and were followed up online afterwards for at least a few weeks. So, without further ado here are the top 10 hottest online topics for 2012.

10. Unemployment in Europe

While over 20 million in Europe and another 12.7 million in the US are facing serious bankruptcy situations, the world does not seem all that interested in the worsening crisis. Nevertheless, ripples of this economic downfall have splashed onto the net causing some stir in the early few months of 2012.

9. HTML5

News about a new version of HTML has been around for a few years now but its true potentials came to light in 2012 when Cadillac announced that its latest XTS Sedan will incorporate a HTML5 based dashboard interface to allow programmers better flexibility in creating applications for the vehicle.

8. Celebrity News

Celebrity news never seems to grow old. In fact, this is one category of hot and happening stuff that is always on top. The recent Robert Pattison and Kirsten Stewart breakup is just one example of stuff that trends fast online.

7. PSVita

When Sony announced the launch of PSVita last year, ripples were created online but its eventual launch in 2012 propelled it to the top of handheld entertainment devices.

6. Cure For AIDS?

It was probably through serendipity that the world got its first chance at curing AIDS. In fact, had it not been for emergency bone marrow transplant procedure perfected just recently the world would have been in darkness. Now two successful operations later, this news seems to have appeared online on blogs and news sites.

5. Facebook IPO

When Facebook announced its IPO, the world took notice. More importantly internet users loved the news with websites, bloggers and news agents writing their fill on the same.

4. Euro 2012

Before Euro began a month earlier, it was the hottest trending story online. Team lineups, stories about their past accolades and possible predictions became hot news. Unfortunately, with many major teams bowing out, Euro 2012 fell out of fashion with bloggers.

3. Olympics 2012

Probably because Olympics London just began, it is the current hot news online. Winners, medal tallies and impressive performances are all that seem to appear on news networks. Olympics are something that probably shall take the top mantle for the hottest trend of 2012.

2. Dark Knight Rises

If the movie was becoming a major talking point before its release, the unfortunate shooting event on its premier in the US made it an even bigger event than before. Folks started talking about the incident, tweeting and denouncing such senseless violence worldwide.

1. Diablo 3

The biggest game release of the year, Diablo 3 caught the imagination of the world. Gamers, bloggers and just about everyone wanted to cash in on this phenomenon. At present there are at least thousand websites showing the best strategies and depicting awesome Diablo 3 power up tactics.