The Pros and Cons of Windows 8

Windows 8 GirlWindows 7 has performed quite well since it was released, but Microsoft continues to work hard to make the next version of Windows better than ever. Windows 8 is supposed to improve upon existing Windows 7 features and throw in a few new features to give users something to get excited about.

Windows 8 is expected to be released in mid to late 2012, although it is still under development. Until then, here are a few pros and cons to Windows 8 to keep you updated as a user:

Windows 8 Pros

• The new Windows 8 is touch-enabled. A user with a touch screen device will receive even greater benefits from using the operating system. Windows 8 can function using sensors to detect proximity and motion, although these features will not yet be available on PC.

• Windows 8 boasts a new user interface with large colored icons. This makes it easier for users to navigate using the mouse and a keyboard. A single mouse click can be used to open up applications, and a shortcut key on the keyboard will allow for quick navigation back to the desktop.

• Windows 8 may simplify password usage across the board. Windows 8 may include a security feature that will store user names and passwords for a number of websites, making it easy to log in to all of your favorite sites quickly and securely. This is a great advantage for many users who have a difficult time remembering passwords for multiple websites or who fear getting hacked.

Windows 8 Cons

• Even though the operating system is new and improved, it may be difficult to get customers to buy into it. Some of the new Windows 8 features will not be compatible with existing computer hardware. If a customer wants to benefit from the new system, they will have to buy a brand-new computer, which could be much too expensive.

• The new Windows 8 interface has a similar layout to Windows-based smartphones, using tiles with touch capabilities on tablets and equipped PCs. Users can also switch back to the desktop mode, which looks similar to Windows 7. But a complete Start menu will be lacking. The new Start menu has only four options, making the new interface entirely unfamiliar to loyal Windows users.

The bottom line? Yes, Windows 8 is new and improved, but it is important to be aware of the potential pitfalls of the upgraded system. The biggest standout feature of Windows 8 is its improved security, such as the ability to prevent malware from automatically loading when the computer starts up.

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