The Prettiest Free Themes for Windows 7

Okay, one of the things I love the most about Windows 7 is the themes. The backgrounds that change are just my cup of tea. I always got bored so quickly with the old backgrounds and wished there was some way easier to change them then hunting them down individually. It seems like my wish was granted because Windows 7 offers these themes that have six or more backgrounds that change at intervals of your choosing. Mine are set at every half hour, so I never get sick of looking at them.

I do, however, change themes frequently. I know, I am hard to satisfy, but there are just so many beautiful free themes that Windows 7 offers that I find it hard to stick with just one. Here are a few of the themes that I think are the most beautiful ones out there. My tastes lean more towards nature and landscapes, so they may not be what you are looking for, but they are undoubtedly beautiful.

  1. Autumn Color in Japan – With the bold reds, the golden yellows and the serene landscapes that mark Japan, this theme is one of the best. The gentle tinkling of every action make it feel as if you were present in one of the Zen gardens that Japan is famous for. Mount Fuji and stone statuary accentuate the autumn leaves and make this a great theme for fall.
  2. Butterflies – With thirteen beautiful photos of butterflies, this theme is just gorgeous. From the simplest leaf-colored bug to the brightest orange and everything in between, these butterflies will have you thinking of spring.
  3. Garden Life by Hayley Elizabeth – Extreme close-ups of bugs of all shapes and sizes make this theme notable. I love the tulip picture especially, with the lone butter colored flower in a field of red. So pretty.
  4. German Landscapes by Mathias Rehberg – Full of desolate waterscapes, lonely churches and serene reflections, this theme makes you feel like you are really in Germany. There is just something about capturing the movement and stillness of water that brings you into the photos.
  5. German Landscapes Photo Contest Winners – I do not know what it is about Germany, but something about that country makes it very photogenic. With snowy forests and fields of waving grain, this theme is great for all seasons.
  6. Germany – I told you it was beautiful. This theme is simpler with fewer pictures, but it is undoubtedly beautiful. The pink sky, blue fog covered lakes, and lush green tunnel over the road make me smile every time I see them.
  7. Lighthouses –There is something about the lonely lighthouse standing tall that really gets you. This collection of beautiful images has everything from the oldest stone to the newest spiral painted lighthouses. Ice covered and lighting up the night, these seascapes will have you awed and enthralled. I love the dripping water sound that comes with this theme.
  8. Magic Landscapes by Michael Breitung–A huge collection of varied and gorgeous landscapes, this theme is one that will keep you interested for a long time. From fields of sunflowers to lush hidden lakes to icy mountaintops, this theme has it all.
  9. Moonlight – Who doesn’t love the moon? Mysterious and cold, it seems to look different every time you see it. See all the variations of the moon in this beautiful theme. From cresent to full, from clear nights to cloudy and spooky, this theme illustrates that we can all see the same thing and yet all see it differently. I have such trouble taking good shots of the moon that I find this photos to be astounding just for that.
  10. Schleswig-Holstein by Mathias Kentrup – There is something spooky about these landscapes. Barren, desolate and empty, they seem to take you to a place otherworldly. If you like photos that make you think, somehow these do. Check it out and see if you are similarly affected.
  11. United Kingdom – Castles and rock walls form the majority of this simple theme. Pretty but a little plain for my tastes. I wish it had more photos to choose from.
  12. United States – Like the theme for the United Kingdom, this theme is a bit simple but still pretty. From canyon walls to frozen mountaintops, this theme has a taste of everything. I love the barn photo the best, but then again I have a thing for barns. They are just so nostalgic to me.
  13. Waterfalls – There is something inherently powerful and moving about a waterfall. Captured forever at that moment in time, the flowing water just looks like it is about to leap from your screen. With everything from mountain streams to towering cliffs, this theme has a wide variety of waterfalls to enthrall you.
  14. Forests – Last but not least is my absolute favorite. From the trumpet fanfare to the lush greenery, this theme has it all. I love the images of the forests in different seasons. The barrenness of winter, the red-gold of fall, the flowers of spring and the dark green of summer. All are present in this beautiful theme. From pines to oaks to cypress trees, the beauty of the cool forest seems to surround and relax you, transporting you to somewhere calm and peaceful. What more could you want?

These themes are by no means the only free themes available for Windows 7. There are so many more to choose from.

To take a look at some of the free themes available all you have to do is right click on your desktop. Then click on the very last button marked “Personalize”. This will bring up a new window showing all your currently downloaded themes. You can click on “Get more themes online” to be taken to the Windows 7 theme section. There you can search for and download hundreds of free themes in many categories including landscapes, animals, art, cars, games, holidays, movies, and more. You can even search for the newest or most popular themes currently. There are so many to choose from and many more being created every day. All the themes are free and safe to download. You will probably never run out of a new theme that you will find interesting and beautiful. Take a look at the available themes and change up your computer desktop today!

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