The Most Reliable FTP Software Downloads

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You already know smartphones are more than just a way to communicate with friends, family and colleagues. With advanced technology, they have the power to improve our lives in many different ways. Whether you work in a large corporate office or even from home, a smartphone can keep you connected, safe and ahead of schedule no matter what. You also can use your smartphone to keep your web site up to date and driving lots of new business. With the best FTP client software, you can assure your little cyberspace homestead remains the envy of all your competitors, ahead of the curve and state of the art.

The official definition reads, “The File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, is one of the fundamental network protocols enabling the migration of files between distant machines. It supports the simultaneous transfer of huge data volumes from a PC to a server and vice versa, giving users strong reasons why the Internet has become so flexible today.” If the definition makes even less sense than the acronym, delegate selection and purchase of your FTP client app to your IT guy and return your attention to growing your business.

Choose among the experts’ favorites.

If, on the other hand, you nodded and thought, “Yeah, yeah, so which is the best FTP, and why should I get it?” then you probably also understood that techie-sophisticates judge FTP software, first, according to its security, and then according to connectivity, user-friendliness and the quality of the manufacturer’s tech support. In the old days, when you and your staff did everything from the office, you may have wondered how well your FTP client would function on your laptop; now, however, you also must assess how well your web-access tools will function via tablet or smartphone. Moreover, because prices for FTP clients vary radically, and because price does not always correspond with quality, you must judge “value,” performance-per-dollar, according to your application’s durability and reliability over the 18-month tech-product cycle. In other words, you must choose on the basis of how well your ftp app will hold up and how much it will cost when you amortize it over the next year and a half. You still may want to delegate these calculations to your IT guy and ask him to brief you when he finishes. Or you and your IT guy may speed-up the process by choosing among the experts’ favorites. Download frostwire as an option for sharing large files.

FTP on the Go The experts rate FTP on the Go as far and away No. 1, raving, “If you are an IT professional or webmaster, FTP On The Go™ is the reason your boss should buy you an iPhone! If you already have an iPhone, then FTP On The Go is the reason your boss should give you a raise.” With FTP on the Go, you easily can store files on your iPhone or iPod touch to view, edit, email, or share; download to your stored files from either an FTP server, or from a website; wirelessly share access to the stored file and connect from a computer using just a web browser or an FTP client. More importantly, FTP on the Go gives you some exceptionally useful options, including the ability to unzip files within the app or make new ZIP archives; view Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and PDF documents with in the app; and upload pictures and videos or take a picture or video with the camera right within FTP On The Go. At just $5.99, FTP on the Go is an amazing bargain.

DocPrinter with Server Browsing Emerging as a hot contender for the top spot on experts’ lists, DocPrinter includes all the features that make FTP on the Go so desirable, and it adds docking and print capabilities so that your iPhone can link to most of the other machinery in your office or on your network. In addition to editing, uploading and managing your files and documents inside the app, you also can use DocPrinter to navigate quickly and easily through the cloud. Like the other highly ranked FTP apps, it costs only $5.99, and for an extra $1.99 you may add a feature that will convert documents from any standard format to PDF.

iStorage for Cloud Although iStorage does not come with the power-packed toolkits you find in other FTP apps, it performs fewer functions with greater speed and accuracy than most multi-function apps. In other words, it does what it you want an FTP app to do, and it does those things exceptionally well. One very happy reviewer writes, “I felt the need to leave a good review. I tried a bunch of file transfer and video playback apps and this app is, by far, the best. It does everything I need it to do, it doesn’t crash, and it can perform the file transfers in the background.”

FTP Picture Upload Like iStorage, Picture Upload is specialized and streamlined, a single-function FTP client that puts the full array of photo enhancement and upload tools into your iPhone. You have three very good reasons to include FTP Picture Upload among your smartphone apps: First, high quality photos and videos increase visitors’ engagement with your website, increasing the likelihood they will buy from you. Second, most FTP apps do more to harm photos than to fix them, and bad pictures on your site are worse than no pictures at all. Third, at only $1.99 FTP Picture Upload is a great add-on, a supplement to your multi-function FTP apps.

“FTP” also means “fix the problem.”

Most small business generate between two-thirds and three-quarters of their new business from the Internet. Therefore, if your website crashes, you lose customers and their cash every minute it remains dark. These high-powered FTP clients enable your IT staff to get your site back up and running in minutes. For under $10, you and your staff put full command of the web right in your hand.

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