The Most Promising and Exciting Computer Technologies of the Near Future

Computer technology is always evolving.  New devices and upgrades are forever on the horizon, and businesses often need to be aware of these new advancements in order to stay ahead of the game.  Technology has made our lives and our workplaces easier, more efficient, and sometimes more entertaining, as with the advancement of tablets and smart phones that keep us connected to media, games, and social networks.

We have already come so far, evolving from large bulky desktop computers to more streamlined devices that take up less space yet have more internal capabilities.  Our music has transformed from records to digital mp3’s that can be carried around everywhere on small devices like iPods.  Laptops have become thinner than ever and touch screens are replacing traditional keyboards, especially on tablets and smart phones, which can do everything from surf the internet to watch movies.  It seems that the future of technology is unimaginable, but here are some promising new advancements we can see coming.

Windows 8

Windows 8 will be the new operating system soon on new PC’s.  The new system can be enjoyed with the traditional mouse and keyboard or on a touch screen device, with the ability to decide between the two options if your device supports both.  In the past, Windows operating systems have not worked well on smaller devices, like tablets, but Windows 8 promises to work just as smoothly on these devices as it will on a traditional computer.  With many new features and looks throughout, Windows 8 will lead us into the next generation of operating systems.

Faster Computers and Smart Phones

By 2013, you can expect computers and smart phones to run up to 1,000 times faster than the devices do today.  IBM and adhesives manufacturer 3M are working together to find a way to stack layers of silicon chips, prevent them from overheating, and allow them to transmit more power through devices than ever before.

Roll Laptop

The Roll Laptop is a laptop computer that actually rolls up, much like a yoga mat, and you can carry it around on a strap.  When you are ready to use it, it unrolls, and you push one end up to form your screen, with the other half operating as a touch screen keyboard.  This new technology allows you to easily carry your computer everywhere you go, and it is an all-in-one unit, with cables included in the roll, so you do not need to carry extra bags or accessories either.

“Natural” Computers

Imagine a computer made from nature.  As bizarre as that may sound, science may be close, and this technology may very well lead us to the computer of the future.  As computer technology gets smaller and smaller with each new advancement, scientists are looking toward producing computer components on a much smaller scale.  Using naturally magnetic bacteria, scientists studied how they produce the mineral magnetite after they ingest iron, and then the scientists were able to emulate this process, thereby creating, or growing, magnets that could be used in the creation of computers.

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