The Future Of The Internet In The UK

We all see the internet as something that is just part of our lives, but 20 years ago it was merely a concept used by those clever enough to understand it. Nowadays everyone is internet savvy and it is just incredible how much we have come in terms of practical uses for it.

As a company if you don’t have a strong presence online then your chance of success is markedly lower than those companies who do. Some companies invest thousands of pounds in their online profile in an attempt to globally expand their business.

This article will highlight where the future of the internet lies and what companies should do in order to successfully make use of the opportunities available. We live in a world that is extremely advanced and thus companies always are looking at ways to expand and the same applies for the internet as a concept too.


The internet is pretty quick now and in the future it is only going to get faster. Only in the last month was 4G mobile internet unleashed onto the market and one can only imagine how far it is going to go.

We live in a world that is reliant on speed and agility, people constantly want things doing instantly, and waiting just doesn’t cut it anymore.

This is in part owed to the rise of the smartphone and tablets and partly owed to the availability of smartphones and thus mobile internet. Times are changing at a rate of knots and people, businesses and governments are moving with it too.

The market for the internet is always going to be there, if it stopped working for some reason I guarantee the world would come to a standstill.

All of the world’s important functions are ran based on the functionality of the internet, we are a nation of addicts.


The internet is going to become more moldable and flexible. Already so many weird and wonderful things can be done on the internet, live streaming, live auctioning and live lord knows what else is already available, one can only image how far things will have gone in 10 years’ time.

Maybe the internet will have ended and a new version introduced? Who knows?

More Opportunity

The internet is the haven of opportunity for so many people with ideas and visions. Local Internet Advertising is on the rise and there are so many companies out there tapping into the global reach of the internet and mainly social media. The latter is a phenomenon based solely on the speed and efficiency of the internet.

It is something 10 years ago nobody had heard about, now almost everyone with internet access has an account, it is just frightening. The internet truly is the greatest invention of modern times and it has revolutionized how we all function as a species. I really believe that without the internet now most countries would fall apart, people will not be able to function properly.

That said I do value the internet and believe that its importance transcends the negatives surrounded with it.

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Andrew is an author with a love for modern technology and believes the rise of the internet in recent years has been incredible. He graduated from a London University with a degree in History.