The Future of Home Technology

There are so many gadgets coming out week after week that constantly push boundaries by impressing us with functions we never knew we needed. That is the sure fire sign that a new idea is a winner. When a gadget does something for you and you could not imagine life without it, the maker has made it in the gadget world. This happened to me when I first had my mobile phone; I was the only one of my friends who had one. In fact, the first mobile phone I had didn’t even have text messaging. Nobody had text messages at the time and look at that now.

Giant Steps for Mankind

There are some moments in the evolution of technology that stand out. The launch of the iPod was a moment when it was cool to wear earphones in the street. Anyone who had paraded the streets with a CD Walkman would have soon stopped because try as they might, no manufacturer could stop a laser from skipping on a CD when some poor jogger took it running. Never mind the fact that a CD Walkman now looks like big enough to eat your breakfast off when camping.

Another monumental leap in the technology market was when games consoles were made that were far better than the offerings in arcades. At 35 years of age, I can remember nagging my father four hours for change to play Afterburner or Double Dragon in an arcade at the seaside. Now I can take my son to the fairground and he doesn’t bat an eyelid at the coin hungry machines. His PS3 and Xbox360 are far better than anything I wasted pounds and pounds on in amusement arcades. My kill to death ratio in Call of Duty will attest to how good they are.

Fad or Fantastic

There is always a gamble when a new product comes out. Nobody really knows if it is going to take off and be accepted as the new must have device. This has happened many times with items such as the Sony PSP with its flimsy disks and the SegaNet system which saw the Sega Dreamcast fail at online gaming through a games console. I actually bought the Sega Dreamcast and thought it was excellent, the problem was that it was overpriced and the games were not exactly amazing. Getting things right first time has been Apple’s domain lately and they have managed to capture the essence of what the consumer wants.

The Problems with Gadgets and Technology

I have one little problem with all the new toys on the market today. I want them all and I want them straight away. Okay, so I have got a few dinosaurs left around the house that I was sorry I had bought, but like all tech enthusiasts, I’m a little bit addicted when it comes to gadgets. I’ve nearly saved enough for the iPad 2 and I’m itching to go out and get one, but I’m torn between waiting for the new Windows tablet to surface.

I’ve coveted the iPad for so long that I doubt very much that waiting is a real option. I already have a laptop with a beta version of windows eight thanks to the nice people at Microsoft. I’ve been testing it for them for a few hours each day and I have to say that it looks pretty good. I think the system will be good for use on a tablet which makes it hard for me to commit to Apple’s iPad.

I already know what will happen if I buy the iPad. As soon as the Windows tablet comes out I’ll find somewhere that does buy now pay later electricals and get both.