The development of the internet offers a bold future

Since its initial inception, the Internet it has become a source of knowledge without equal, however as it has evolved it has become so much more. In modern day society, trillions of pounds are now being spent annually on services and products available on the net, in fact for many businesses it has been a lifeline that has saved them from certain closure.

For many of us, it is inherently impossible to think of a world without the Internet. It is a fact that in reality the Internet or World Wide Web has revolutionised the way we obtain information, buy products and services and conduct business. Whether looking for information for a school project, work based assignment or personal matter such as the best places to live, most of us now turn to the Internet as our guide.

So what does the future hold for the Internet and us as consumers? Well, availability of service is one key element that is becoming more and more apparent. With the recent media hype of Google glasses, it is obvious that how we access the Internet in the future will change. Currently access is available on a wide array of devices including standard computers and laptops through to mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones. Potential means of access may well include implants, which interface directly with the Internet; whether this will become a reality depends on technology and viability.

One area which has seen significant development has been access through air to air transmission. Increasingly we are becoming more and more dependent on the Internet whilst out and about and in some ways have felt let down by poor 3G connectivity. 4G connectivity is testimony to the desire and requirement for faster and faster access speeds whilst on the move and has recently made its debut in certain parts of the UK, with more areas planned.

The Internet is a resource which provides us with almost limitless access to information and sources which generally may well have been previously inaccessible. Its future depends on us, the general public, in reality how we utilise this resource dictates the growth and potential of this resource and also dictates to those who spend their time and money providing useful resources that we want to access.