The Best Windows Defragmenter?

Defrag_iconIf you are a long-time Windows user, then you are likely familiar with the need to defragment your hard drive. In the normal course of operations, files (temp as well as permanent) get scattered all over your drive, eventually causing an overall slowdown as Windows searches for the files it needs. It would be like having items you use every day scattered all over your house; you would expend a lot of time and energy searching for those items in the course of a day.

With today’s fast drives, you may not notice a slowdown over time, but defragmenting will not only regain back some lost time, but it will cause your drive to work less hard when it comes to retrieving files. Actually, aside from cooling fans and your DVD drive, your hard drive is one of the few moving parts in your PC.

Defragmenting software has evolved over the years to match not only improvements in Windows itself, but also advancing hard drive technology.

For nostalgia’s sake here are images of the DOS (Disk Operating System) and Windows 3.1 Defragmenters:



I used to love to watch those little blocks be moved around and stacked in an orderly fashion!

These days, I use O&O Defrag on my Windows 7 laptop and I am quite impressed with it. I have used Diskeeper, PerfectDisk as well as the built-in Windows Disk Defragmenter program over the years, but I like O&O Defrag the best since I can notice a difference in my laptop’s speed and performance. Here is a look at its interface:


Do you use a third-party defragmenter or are you happy with the Windows Disk Defragmenter? Please leave a comment below!