The Best Online Backup Tools for Windows

Every computer user needs to back up his files in order to survive hard drive crashes and other kinds of data loss. There are data recovery services which come to our rescue at such times but often not as soon as we would like to. Therefore, data recovery services become the secondary source of help. What then is the primary source? It’s online data backup. It is good to store data on external hard drives and such other physical medium but you don’t know when Mother Nature will act up and ruin your drives. To escape the effects of her bad temper, the following online backup tools are very helpful.


CrashPlan tops the list because of its various features. Their encryption stands out with Blowfish, a well known security service. They also require you to use multiple passwords to protect your files. You needn’t think twice to delete any of your files because you can restore the files you’ve deleted since signing up for their service. It’s also possible to recover different versions of your files. Unlike many other tools, you can schedule your back ups. If you are sharing your PC with someone, you can set the time for your back ups. It will help you avoid backing up the other person’s files. As it resumes action on every start-up of the PC, you will not have to remember to start up the tool in order to start backing up your files. See a full review of Crashplan here.


Mozy comes with the usual features that most tools offer. You can download their mobile app and access your files on your smart phones. Any file dropped in your Stash folder can be accessed on any device or PC that you use. You can also access your files from any location using the browser. Another advantage of using Mozy is its bandwidth throttling facility. Using this facility, you can set the limit of bandwidth your back up tool needs to use and set the limits for different times of the day, too. See a full review of Mozy here.

Jungle Disk:

One of its core features is you choose where to save your files. You can tell them if you want the amazing Amazon to mind your files or they should be stored in the racks of Rackspace. You get 5 GB of free storage space and anything that exceeds that needs to be paid for. Their de-duplication feature makes sure that duplicate files are not stored twice, enabling more free space. See a full review of Jungle Disk here.


Carbonite makes the tracking of your backed up files very easy. It displays a different set of icons which allow you to know if a particular file is backed up or not. You can also ask them to ship a copy of your files if you need. Their smartphone app and the facility to access from any device lets you share your files with anyone. The best of all the features is you can create a mirror image of your PC. If your PC gets seriously damaged, don’t worry, your files will still be in good shape. You just need to get another PC to get them back. See our review of Carbonite here.


ElephantDrive gives you free space of up to 2 GB. You can access your files from any browser. The storage space can be extended up to 2 TB for personal purposes and their Business plan offers unlimited storage.

If you have loads of documents and media files, it will be better to choose a paid service as you get more protection and space. When it comes to saving your files, spending some dollars is worth it.

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