The Benefits of Online Faxing

When many of us think of faxing a document, we often refer back to the traditional method.  A rather bulky and at times unreliable machine would be used, the familiar tones echoing through the air while at times the paper would jam, the document would not be read correctly, or the phone at the other end would be occupied.  When sending or receiving important documents this method not only proved laborious but time consuming as well.  However, with the internet becoming more and more a part of our daily lives, other methods are now available.  Although some individuals and businesses alike may still be unaware, sending a fax via the world wide web is becoming an increasingly popular alternative.  Let us have a quick look at some of the reasons why.

One very important factor here is that by utilising the internet and web-based services, neither hardware nor software is required.  In an office environment, this can save substantially on overhead in decidedly challenging economic times.  With electronic services now available, any internet-ready device can both send and receive faxes.

Should one be waiting for an important document, in the past he or she would be forced to remain in the physical location where the fax would appear.  No longer is this the case if one opts to employ third-party internet-based fax services.  This can free up valuable time which would have otherwise been spent at a certain location; sometimes for hours.

As well as saving on both hardware and software, paper is no longer required.  This not only drastically eliminates waste, but in an environmentally conscious age it also helps the environment.  In fact, government research has shown that 200 billion pages of paper are used each year in the United States alone for faxing.   Furthermore, physically printed data may pose a security risk should the information be sensitive in nature.  With electronic faxing, the files can be encrypted and safely stored for future retrieval by authorised personnel.

With internet faxing, a huge logistical problem is also readily addressed.  In developing businesses, it is important to keep numerous clientele updated by using the most efficient means possible.  In the past, multiple faxes would have to be sent to numerous parties.  This would cost man hours and time, not to mention the issue once again of finding the recipient’s phone lines busy for extended periods.  With using an online fax provider, multiple faxes can be sent to the desired number of parties with ease.

Finally, let us not forget that a dedicated fax line sending and receiving documentation costs money.  If an office is normally sending a great deal of paperwork out, the revenue devoted to a traditional fax service may indeed prove substantial.  With internet fax services, a flat rate is often paid and unlike a phone provider, this service can be cancelled at any time with no penalty of additional fees.

In this era of increased electronic communication, traditional fax services are quickly becoming a thing of the past.  Internet faxing, or e-faxing as it has become to be known can save a company time and money while helping the environment.  By providing a secure platform and addressing multiple clientele with the push of a button, both customers and businesses alike can reap the numerous advantages this service has to offer.

Nathan Morgan has been an IT professional for 14 years. His work is currently focused on Linux servers. He has encryption experience including the deployment of True Crypt and similar packages, and detailed knowledge of document scanning solutions to transform off-line archives into accessible digital data.