The 5 Best Photo Sharing Apps for Your Phone

In the recent past, the digital camera has received a battering as a result of the incorporation of cameras on mobile phones. This has further been compounded by the topnotch quality of pictures the mobile phone cameras are able to take.

The favorable uptake of this feature has seen many mobile phone manufacturers and photo sharing service providers release applications to aid in sharing photos. These applications, also widely known as apps, are beneficial to you since the process of taking pictures, and sharing it with friends on social media platforms such as Facebook has been made easy.

The time and effort it takes to take a photo with a digital camera, get to a computer that has an Internet connection, and uploads the picture to your favorite social network has been reduced significantly to one to take advantage of this benefit, and here are the five best apps to share your pictures through your phone:


Is a photo sharing service that has received rave reviews since its inception. In fact, Facebook acquired the service for a reported sum of US $1 billion in April, 2012. lnstagram is a service that helps you snap pictures, transform their looks and feel, and share them with your close friends, family, and fans. The best part about lnstagram is that it is a free service.

This photo sharing service is supported by most Apple products such as iPad, iPod, and iPhone, and Android camera phones.


Lightbox is a service that lets users register and create their own photoblogs. These users can then post pictures, text, and links onto their photoblogs. Additionally, Lightbox will help you enhance the photos you have already taken and share them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

As with lnstagram, Lightbox is also a free photo sharing app that can be downloaded from Google Play.


Flickr app for Android is another tremendous photo sharing application you could use on your phone. This application will help you snap pictures and edit those using available, custom filters.

Additionally, you will be able to share these pictures on a wide array of platforms including Tumblr, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, chat site Mezee and You will also be able to share the story behind your pictures through descriptions, comments, and tags.


Photobucket Mobile helps you to upload the photos you have taken straight to your account from your phone, access your account on your phone share your pictures on social media platforms, download photos, and organize them for faster finding. This app is also free.


LiveShare is a photo sharing application that gives you the ability to share your group’s pictures either publicly or privately. The LiveShare app helps you upload multiple pictures in the shortest time possible with its bulk upload feature. Therefore, it becomes easy to snap pictures of your friends at events such as weddings and birthday parties, and share them with the world.

In conclusion, finding the best photo sharing app to use on your phone is increasingly becoming hard given the high number of apps being released on a daily basis. Therefore, you should try these 5 best photo sharing apps to help you snap pictures fast, customize them easily, share them with your friends on social networks in real time, and organize your pictures better.

Written by Julieth