Have A Day Of Technonostalgia – Technology Worth Digging Out Of Storage

Technology is something that we tend to associate with modernity and even to think of as futuristic. The presumption is that ‘tech’ means new gadgets like smartphones, tablets and computers. But the high tech gadgetry of today will be the nostalgic retro toys of tomorrow, and that’s why there’s plenty of technology that can’t be classified as ‘high’ tech, or particularly modern. In fact these days there are plenty of old gadgets and pieces of technology that are now decidedly old fashioned and retro, but in a way that’s often what gives them their charm. And actually they can still be a lot of fun and even quite useful in some cases. Here we will look at some of the most nostalgia-inducing technology out there that’s worth digging out of storage for a day just to reminisce. And even if you don’t own the tech yourself, it might be worth having a look for it cheaply on eBay or at a car boot sale for a great blast from the past.

The Most Nostalgia-Inducing Technology You May Have in Your Storage Unit…

The Einstein:

The Tatung Einstein is a computer that few people remember. It wasn’t particularly successful and it was very expensive at the time it was out. If you do have one though, then this computer has to offer one of the most retro experiences out there – with a big black monitor, lots of greenscreen and good old BASIC as the main language. And if you want a real trip into the past, then you can even get the classic space game Elite for it, complete with the most basic looking ‘polygons’ you can imagine.



The Spectrum:

If you don’t have an Einstein though, then you were probably someone who owned a ZX Spectrum at that time. Now this was a popular decide, and it’s one that is etched into many of our memories thanks to classic games like Arkanoid, and that unforgettable screeching sound that it made when it used to load old computer games.





Old PCs:

That said, old PCs and laptops can also offer just as much retro-feeling if you still have one knocking around in your loft or storage container. I still have my 486 Toshiba laptop that ran Windows 95. The jingle itself is enough to send tingles down my spine (it was very exciting at the time) and I still find programming in QBasic/playing Jazz Jackrabbit just as rewarding.





The Gameboy:

Another classic piece of retro hardware is the original Gameboy, a device that most of us will have at least had a go on growing up (if you were born in the 80s at least). For most it will be the classic game of Tetris (with the amazing music) that triggers the most flashbacks, though I personally also have something of a massive soft spot for the lesser-known ‘Solomon’s Club’ (look it up!). Of course if you don’t happen to still have your old Gameboy kicking around then you might be able to get a similar experience from an emulator you can download online.




Old Consoles:

SegaMegadriveFor me personally the most nostalgic piece of hardware of all would probably be the SEGA Megadrive. Not that I ever had one – I wasn’t allowed and instead used to count the days until I’d go round my friends house and get to play Sonic 3 & Knuckles. I once spent an afternoon in PC World playing one on the display and as such everything from the ‘Seeeega’ chant to the look of the controller is seared into my brain. Perhaps for you the nostalgia will come from Wipeout on the PS1, or GTA 3 on the PS2. Either way, games consoles can set off a lot of our nostalgia sensors.

The Nokia 3210:

The scary thing is that all of this hardware came out before any of us even had a mobile phone. But then mobiles did go mainstream and most of us bought the same one first: the Nokia 3210. This is the classic phone that brought us the Nokia ringtone and the first version of Snake, and it’s the reason that most of us can still type messages quickly on a number pad.

Well those are my most nostalgic devices anyway. What are yours?

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This post has been authored by Richard Dent, an employee at Abacus Self Storage, a company providing storage facilities in Toronto. He takes great pride in helping people and assists many social service groups in his vicinity during his leisure time.