The Best Tech Options For Boosting Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Many types of upgrades can be made to a home to boost curb appeal. Curb appeal is the quality a home has when attracting viewers from the road. In addition, incorporating different types of technology can be used to improve a home’s exterior.

Adding Lights

Lighting added along a driveway is a great way to provide illumination. This can be done by first edging each side of a driveway or sidewalk. The purpose of edging is to clean each side and remove any overgrowth of grass. Lighting can be powered through electrical wiring or a solar powered source. Lighting that is wired for electricity can be turned on by sensors or a switch. A remote control can also be used to activate lights. One aspect of lighting is that a colored bulb can be used to create a unique look for the home — the best way to do this is to use LED lighting.

Security Cameras

The addition of security cameras is a good way to show that precautions are being taken for safety. The cameras that are installed can be wireless and even connect to the Internet. This means that a smartphone app can be used to monitor the home. Cameras can come in various colors that blend into a home’s exterior so they are not completely obvious to the naked eye.

Solar Panels

Adding solar panels to a home is a sign that energy efficiency is important. Panels can be installed on a roof or on the ground. They are a great option for homes located in urban areas. The size of the panel is based on the dimensions of the roof, so that they can be installed to look like they were added when the home was built. Solar panels can be an aesthetically pleasing option to increase the curb appeal of a home.

Solar Heat Tubes

Solar heat tubes are a type of solar heating system that uses water to create heat. The tubes can be installed along a wall or appear as railings for a deck or porch. Homeowners can choose to have the tubes mounted on a horizontal plane or set up vertically. This is also a great option for homes in an urban area. The heat made by the solar heat tubes can be used for internal floor heating and for hot water.

Wind Turbine

The installation of a wind turbine is another option for energy efficiency. A turbine is a type of fan with spinning blades. Turbines can be large and open or small to blend into the roof of a home. Benefits of a wind turbine include a distinct lack of noise during production, as well as a lack of harmful emissions.

Keyless Entry

Replacing a standard key lock with a keyless entry system is a good security choice that is also quite impressive to visitors. A keyless entry system will typically include an electronic lock that has a built-in handle. The electronic lock can have a keypad or require a fingerprint.

Additional Information

The technology options available to boost curb appeal need to meet specific criteria. Technology needs to complement the existing style of a home, and not serve as a distraction — this means that having a large and bulky antenna on the roof of a home is not the best option for an aesthetically pleasing look.

Kathy McKeon is a freelance home improvement blogger. She wrote this post on behalf of Remedy Roofing, who offer comprehensive Roofing Houston TX services.