Living Off-Grid – Tech Resources You Can’t Do Without

There comes a point in any person’s life when being surrounded by expensive gadgets is just not fun anymore. Computers, smartphones, tablets, games consoles and the like are all very entertaining, but they cost a fortune to buy and just as much to use on a daily basis. Gadgets are also highly addictive and if you have kids, you will know exactly how addictive a games console is. So what’s the answer?

A Life without Technology

It might not feel like it, but it really is possible to live without computers, phones, games consoles and TVs. Just a few decades ago, Joe Average and his family didn’t have computers or smartphones. In fact they were probably grateful to have a black and white TV in the corner of the room. Modern families are so used to technology and gadgets that they take them for granted. The first thing most of us do in the morning is check our phones for messages and emails. We spend our day staring at a computer monitor and then watch TV all evening while tapping away on a tablet computer or laptop.

Compromising on Technology

Living off-grid is a dream existence for many people. The notion of living off the grid is hard to comprehend when you are used to having modern conveniences at your disposal. But there are plenty of good reasons to live off-grid—and if you take advantage of a few simple technological resources, you don’t even have to live your life without the internet.

5 Reasons to Live Off-Grid

  1. Your utility bills will be zilch
  2. Free food
  3. You can avoid all those people you don’t like
  4. You can live your life any way you choose
  5. You can live in a really remote place and it will be fun

Tech Resources You Need If You Go Off-Grid

Living off-grid is a great way of reducing your living expenses. Instead of buying power from the grid, you generate your own. Solar panels are a popular way of generating enough electricity for everyday needs, including the use of gadgets such as computers and TVs. Another option, depending on where you live, is wind turbines. These work very well in exposed places where the wind is strong.

Small Solar Charging Units

For those who love gadgets, there is no shortage of small, portable tech resources to help power tablets and smartphones if you are caught in a power shortage. Small handheld solar charging units are ideal for providing power for short durations. Just like larger photo voltaic panels, small solar chargers use sunlight to generate energy. They are not cheap, but if you want a failsafe source of energy to charge up your iPhone, it is likely to be money well spent.


Solar Keyboards

A solar keyboard removes the need for a docking station if you have a tablet or iPad. Leave the keyboard in the sunlight to charge up and then connect it to your tablet using Bluetooth technology. You could write your own equivalent of War & Peace using solar energy.

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