3 Ways Technology Is Making Life Better And More Fun

Advancing technology has set the stage for some incredible new gadgets that make life easier, more convenient and a lot of fun. If you think your latest smartphone app is something special, wait until you see how three amazing pieces of technology are giving consumers and creators the opportunity to utilize their minds in ways many never thought possible.

Google Glass

This augmented reality eyewear does just about anything an iPhone can do, including tap the Internet to provide an endless amount of information and answers to virtually any question. What’s more, Google Glass can create visual displays that compliment what you’re actually seeing. Lost? Ask Google Glass directions and a clear map will appear with directions that appear painted atop the ground. Don’t recognize a French word? Look directly at it and ask Glass to instantly whisper the meaning into your ear. 100 percent hands free, Glass also allows you to easily take pictures and videos of anything you see. You can also instantly share these with someone millions of miles away by simply speaking a few words.

eBook Downloads

To the chagrin of many in traditional publishing circles, eReaders have forever altered the way readers get their books. That said, this technology has been huge for authors who used to have to navigate through all sorts of frustration just to get their books into stores. These days, anyone can publish via online platforms such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and Barnes and Noble’s PubIt! According to author RJ Lawrence who sells his eBooks download exclusively through Amazon, this technological advancement is good for authors and readers alike.

“A lot of people in the publishing industry argue that self-publishing is a bad thing, because it allows poor writers to side-step agents and editors which help filter out low quality material,” he said. “In reality, I think people are finding that readers can do the filtering through ratings systems and basic word of mouth. Inevitably, the cream rises to the top; and consumers enjoy cheaper books, because the publishing houses aren’t pushing prices higher by acting as middle men.”


This bizarre and fascinating mental acuity game from Mattel actually allows players to control physical objects using only their minds as if they were Jedi Knights from Star Wars. Players attach sensors to their earlobes and foreheads, allowing the game to monitor brain waves which it interprets as instruction. Well-focused concentration pushes a floating ball toward an opponent, who tries to push it back using his or her own mental skills. Although it sounds like something out of the future, this incredible game is available in local department stores right now.

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Sara McDaniels is the technology expert for thebestbooksjournal.com.