Tech Gifts For Music Lovers

We all have that friend in our group that is always bopping along to some music or another, and drumming their fingers to the imaginary beat – it may even be you! But with a passion as strong as many people feel for music, the best gifts for the music lovers in your life are gifts that are music-related.

If you’re hitting a wall for gifts, especially if they are tech-related, here are a few ideas –

iPod Touch

While it may be a little “old school” it terms of technology, it’s not the most expensive gift in the bunch, and with the iTunes Match service rolled out as well as the Cloud, a new iPod touch is probably one of the best “bang for your buck” gifts out there for the music lovers this year.

Plus, you have the clean design and user-friendly OS of Apple. It’s really pretty hard to go wrong with an iPod Touch – unless, of course, your friend has one already. Pay attention to how they listen to their music the next time you run into them. Many music aficionados are extremely loyal to one brand or another – if you see your friend sporting a Zune…it might be a bad idea to get them an iPod as well.


If you have a friend who is a music lover and you haven’t heard of Skullcandy, then your friend is missing out. Skullcandy is the current “hot trend” in the hipster-ironic-skater…and good quality sound for headphones. They do speakers as well, but they are most known for their headphones.

Your friend can rock out to whatever beat their following – imaginary or otherwise – with headphones emblazoned with their favorite team, or they can be nostalgic (and ironic) with an exclusive Paul Frank design on their headphones.

While some of their higher range headphones come for a pretty penny at $150 (and the DJ-level headphones run at close to double that), for someone who really appreciates the range and depth of music and sound, money spent on Skullcandy is money that can’t be any better spent.

Ceramic Speakers

Ceramic speakers, especially those designed by Joey Roth – are considered to be the ultimate speaker set for the digital 20-something urbanite. They are of a beautiful, clean design, and are suitable for most purposes. Some report that the bass isn’t quite up to par out of the box, but with some tweaking of settings on the computer that it works just great for computer-speaker purposes.

Old School

These are still tech-gifts, but not quite in the way that we think of “high tech” anymore. Anything involving music is technological, really – looking back, being able to record sound was a huge deal.

So if you want to be a bit nostalgic here are a few other ideas for your audiophile friends:

  • CD’s of their favorite band, or new box sets of the seminal artists in their favorite genre.
  • Record player and/or vinyls.
  • Concert tickets to their favorite band when they’re playing locally.

These are just a few gifts that you can offer your musically inclined friends during the holiday season, or really any time at all; I’m sure the gifts would be much appreciated.

Jade Evans always enjoys good music. She’s always interested in whats new and exciting, whether that is the newest gadget or the latest debate in politics.