Tax Software for Canadians

I would like to post about a tax software package I have been using for the past few years, GenuTax.
For me, nothing is more intimidating than all those pages that make up a Canadian tax return! GenuTax  steps you through an ‘interview’ process to help you complete your personal return. Very easy to use, and it will submit your return electronically for you, if you are setup with Revenue Canada to do so (aka NETFILE).
Another thing that separates GenuTax from other tax packages is that you may never have to purchase tax software again, since tax updates are free. You can try out a fully functional 30 day trial, but printing and NETFILE capabilities are disabled. 

GenuTax Standard software allows you to prepare up to 20 tax returns for each tax year, without any income level limitations or extra fees per return.
GenuTax runs on Windows XP or newer, including Windows 7.
Consider using GenuTax for your next tax return: