Do you Think Tablets can Replace Laptops?

Every single day a new electronic gadget is launched in the market be it Kindle Fire, Tablets, iPod, PC or laptop. Each of these has their own use for example, the iPod is more often used in the boardroom, the coffee shop and even the living room and a lesser number of people are using PC. It is even predicted by the gadget gurus that sooner the tablets ultimately replace laptops. So, let’s find out that are the tablets a better option as compared to the good laptops.

One of the major reasons to go with a tablet instead of the laptop is its size! Size-wise tablets are made with a small pad and even its weight is mostly less than two pound. When we take, laptops its size is generally much more. In fact, the Apple Mac Book Air 11, which is considered to be the world’s smallest ultraportable, weighs a little more than two pounds. In a laptop the keyboard and track pad have to be larger and with the incorporation of components like the added power and cooling, it becomes even bigger. Thus, as far as size is concerned tablets are much more portable and best for those on the go!

  • Additionally, when you look at a tablet you will notice that the basic difference between a tablet PC and a laptop is that the former does not have a keyboard as the tablet’s work totally on a touch screen for all input. Although, this might seen a seamless process involving just pointing, dragging or tapping to but the problem pops up when you have to type in text say for an email. This makes it quietly uncomfortable for many people to type on the virtual keyboards, which has different kinds of layouts. Thus, they end up attaching an external Bluetooth keyboard to their tablet.
  • Another factor that determines, which out of the two will rule the future is the cost. Being new to the market the tablets, with better technology are higher priced.  On an average the tablets start with somewhere around $500 while the laptops can be bought for much lesser price say around $300.  Here laptops have the advantage over tablets in fact there are many netbooks that start below $300 and are capable of managing all the tasks as a tablet.
  • Also, the storage in the tablet PCs is the new solid state storage which helps to keep the size and cost low. This enables these gizmos for quicker access with lower power usage. But, here one thing is put at stake, which is the number of files it can store as the tablets have 16 and 64 gigabytes of storage. Here, laptops have an upper hand as they can store a large number of files. In fact, the net books come with160 gigabytes of data storage, a ten times more files vis-à-vis even the most reasonable tablets.
  • Apart from this, the battery of the laptops is almost 4-to-5-hour as they use much more powerful hardware. But there are expectations with few models being able to work for even eight hours.  While the iPod can easily last you for over 10 hours once you charge it full. In this regard with a tablet you can have it running all day without the need to recharge it.
  • A factor that separates the laptop from a tablet is its software. A tablet mostly works on one of the 2 operating systems namely Android and iOS and to use these you need specific applications, which can do all the basic tasks of a laptop.  A tablet cannot be your stand alone system while on a laptop you can do all the tasks in terms of loading data and programs onto and backing up. If you are using a tablet PC you will need an additional computer system along with it for backing up or even activating it.

In the end it can be said that while having a laptop you will have a great level of flexibility in regards to mobile computing.  For an increase level of portability when you are travelling especially a tablet. But in order to completely take over the laptops there a certain issues that tablets need to resolve.

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