Tablets: Choose The Right One!

There are a variety of tablets on the market today, and when new innovations and products are introduced, it can muddle the market. When shopping for a tablet, you need to know exactly what you want to use the tablet for. That will help you to look for features that can accomplish that, ensuring that you choose the perfect tablet for your lifestyle.

Size Matters
Tablets range in size from 5 inches to 10.1 inches. If portability is the highest priority, consider a tablet at the smaller end. Keep in mind that the smaller the tablet, the smaller the screen and the less room you can move your fingers across the screen. Some people prefer larger tablets because they may want the larger screen to more easily move items with their finger or to see the images.

When it comes to a tablet, many people want them to view or edit their pictures. Some tablets come with a built-in camera, but the quality may not be as good as it is with a separate digital camera. To get pictures from your digital camera to your tablet, you will need a USB port on the tablet or a memory card slot. USB ports for tablets are also needed if you want to print or connect a scanner, external keyboard, or a mouse.

Software and Apps
Look for a tablet that has software or apps available that you will need to use. The variety of apps differs based on the operating system the tablet uses. If you are looking for a tablet to use for work, look for a tablet with an OS that supports business software or apps for mobile users.

If you intend to use several programs on your tablet at once, you will need to get the highest amount of RAM memory you can afford. Some tablets will have up to 1 GB of RAM. This lets you multitask on your tablet.

Storage memory is different from RAM. If you have large amounts of music or videos you want to store on your tablet, get the most memory you can afford. Many tablets available have several GB of storage memory available.

Battery Life
Tablets are designed for use on the go, and if you will be using yours for an extended period of time, like a plane flight, you do not want your battery to run out. Weight the benefits of long battery life against the weight of the tablet, because in some models, longer battery life requires a heavier battery , which adds to the tablet’s weight.

Choosing a tablet is a matter of personal preference, and it should be done based on your use and expectations of the tablet.

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