Tablet Craze and Popularity

Asus tablet PCIn recent times the growing surge in the market of tablet devices is surely a reflection of the growth in its popularity and craze. People who are using these devices are using them more as replacement of their PCs than as a supplement. There are various reasons behind the surging craze of the tablets over other devices, which are sounding the death knell for PCs and laptops.

Easy to use: The ease of using the tablet devices even by the elderly people is a major reason for its growing popularity. Operating a computer depends mainly on its software and operating systems. The operating systems of the tablet devices are as easy as they come. Navigating through the main features is very easy and can be picked up within hours. The web browsers and emailing facilities of these devices are simpler to handle than the web browsers of the PCs.

Software vs. Apps:  Though there is a very fine distinction between apps and software, yet the former is easier to use. Software needs to be installed in PCs and their functions learnt separately. Whereas for apps, all you have to do is click widgets and things begins to happen naturally. Though both tablets and PCs are driven by software, yet software as a separate entity has mostly been relegated to office use only.

Portability: Even a few years back your laptop was the ultimate device as far as speed was concerned, but now, surprisingly the scenario has changed. These days, tablet devices have become the epitome of speed. The problem with a laptop is that, you have to find a secure place at first then log in and then carry on with your office works. While tablet devices, by virtue of their design are lighter and hence easier to carry. Another advantage with a tablet device is you can check emails, pay your bills, and transfer money while listening to some music from any location. Basically a tablet device brings functionality to your fingertips.

Productivity:A tablet is quite useful while it comes to handling basic tasks like checking emails or managing schedules. One can quickly glance through any new emails by keeping the mail app open while working at the office PC. One can quickly jot down notes and download relevant documents which can be used as reference, instantly in tablets. This saves you the hassle of rummaging through a pile of documents for finding a particular chart or diagram. Tablet devices are also helpful for students as they can pack several voluminous books into a tablet instead of physically carrying them.

Personalization:This is another major factor which contributes to the rising craze of tablet devices. It is obviously more personal than a desktop or a laptop. A touchscreen gadget or a smartphone can be maneuvered in a more personal way than either a PC or a laptop. Whether its work related information or personal information, both can be stored in your hand held device. Moreover they are available at your fingertip which your laptop or PC denies you.

The tablet craze is touching the sky and its popularity increasing day after day. If you have a tablet or are planning to get one, make sure you get it insured so as to use it freely without any worries. Protect your bubble is a good option for getting your precious and loving tablet insured. Enjoy your gadget with all its amazing features for long by getting it insured and make your life easy and tension free.